Function Relations

Function Relations:



Functions 1 + 4, (R+/-), Results: Function 1 leads function 4 to positive results. Function 4 listens and trusts function 1’s disposition toward the aspect. Highly ideal. Sustainability oriented.


Functions 2 + 3, (P+/-), Process: Function 2 is flexible and understanding of function 3’s insecurity and doubts of the shared aspect. Function 2 encourages function 3 to become more secure and accepting of their negative and aggressive attitude. Highly ideal. Growth oriented.


Functions 1 + 1, (Id1), Identical: Both are equally confident in the aspect, and respect the other’s viewpoint, but may clash on details.


Functions 2 + 2, (Id2), Identical: Both are equally flexible in the aspect, and tend to spend large amounts of time discussing it.


Functions 3 + 3, (Id3), Identical: Both are equally insecure in the aspect, but may have a good time sharing opinions and possible solutions. Both are amazed and feel connected in their vulnerability.


Functions 4 + 4, (Id4), Identical: Both are equally ignorant of the aspect. There tends to be a disinterest in discussing topics related to the shared aspect, yet mutual intrigue while viewing others who express confidence it.


Functions 1 + 2, (SI+/-), Semi Identical: Both functions understand the other’s strength in the aspect, but don’t gain much other than mutual knowledge. May talk over one another, but usually no offense is taken. Quite neutral.


Functions 3 + 4, (Ig+/-), Ignored: Function 3 may express frustration or contempt with the aspect, while function 4 ignores or thinks that it’s being overblown. Function 3 may become embarrassed if they happen to be met with disinterest by function 4s attitude toward the aspect. Generally, Function 3 will drop the conversation and go back to ignoring it.


Functions 2 + 4, (Ex+/-), Exhaustive: Function 2’s penchant toward flexibility and discussion may overwhelm and exhaust function 4. Function 4 may find their own opinion pointless and become annoyed that function 2 is trying to pry an opinion out of them. Passive resistance colors this relation of functions.


Functions 1 + 3, (A+/-), Aggressive: The worst functional relation. Both functions are hard headed and aggressive in their attitudes toward this aspect. Function one will disregard and ignore function 3’s insecurities, while function 3 may blame function 1 for their negative experiences with the aspect. Function 3 feels constantly on their toes, while Function 1 bulldozes over Function 3, expecting them to trust their confidence without hassle. Low compatibility.