LEVF is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in how they can envision and construct their reality to gain insight, meaning, and discover a philosophy that provides mental abundance. The LEVF appears to be protecting themselves from those who wish to take advantage of their philosophical nature by keeping their ideas close, resisting pressure, and putting conviction in their own ideas as the be-all end-all truth of the matter. They may come off as warm, intellectually lively, stoic, friendly, philosophical, perceptive, idealistic, succinct, dreamy, and at times reactive when others attempt to disrupt their decisions. The LEVF seems to want control over their identity through piecing together a philosophy that makes them feel at ease yet confident in the truth value held within the details.

LEVFs have a tranquil and unruffled relationship to the logic aspect. This type believes that they can find logical conclusions when necessary and may engage in conversation surrounding the aspect more often than expected, especially if it is to inform others on how they feel about the world. They typically come off as calm and relaxed about their opinions, which can surprise others when the LEVF does become assertive about what they know to be true. LEVFs are the masters of masking their own sneering doubt towards people. They can smile through their own aggressive reactions and attempt to shift the mood positively to take control of a situation. They may adopt a philosophy of being helpful and offering constructive feedback without emotional or personal vendettas to further bolster their attitudes towards communication. However, regardless of this helpful and informative appearance, certain subtypes can be completely unaware of their own stubborn confidence in their logical opinions. LEVFs may find it difficult to recognize their own braggart attitude towards philosophy, especially if they are someone who avoids conflict. The overarching theme of this type is of someone who has an interest in internalizing their own vision of the fundamental building blocks of reality.

LEVFs have a receptive, vibrant and sometimes gleeful 2E. This type tends to have a raw and upfront approach to expressing themselves, while retaining appropriateness. They often want to set the emotional mood for others to feel like they are included, heard, and matter. There is often a calm aura that resounds with this type, even when they are acting out of aggression within logic or volition. LEVFs want to understand and leave room for others in the sentimental realm. They may use eye contact, positive expression, head nodding, and other facial expressions to soothe the defenses of others. On the positive side, this type knows how to maneuver others to create an uplifting experience, but on the negative side, they can turn towards manipulation if not psychologically healthy. LEVFs believe that they must meet people where they are, never being too forceful or emotionally foul. They want to know that others will respect their own character as much as they would for them. For this reason, this type can be sensitive to betrayal and may flip the script to being emotionally blunt once they learn that the other person does not respect them.

LEVFs have a uniquely varied 3V depending on the individual. This type often has a hard time recognizing their own attitude towards volition and can sometimes think that they are 1V or 4V. The reason for this confusion is that LEVFs often want to quickly succeed at all costs, especially in the academic realm, so you will not see as much active chatter about volition like with the other 3Vs. Along with that, they often do accomplish what they set out for, which further gives them the feeling of having confidence coming to quick conclusions about their future. However, as all good things come to an end, so does this type’s relationship to the volition aspect. LEVFs can start to notice the lopsided balance of power in the world which gives way to feelings of unfairness. This type can become extremely bothered by the control that others may wield around them and can act out aggressively to counter that control. Some LEVFs may run away entirely from a situation where they are expected to act outside of their means, while others can passive aggressively ignore any demands placed on them. This type believes that letting in too many outside influences will bring their hidden negativity to the surface, so they quickly move to dousing that flame before it catches their world on fire.

LEVFs have a suggestible relationship to the physics aspect. This type often finds it interesting and fun to engage in new activities in the tangible world. They may be brought to life by talk of aesthetics, art, beauty, food, or new purchases. However, the talking is usually for a purpose as LEVFs want a plausible reason to discuss the nature of the material world. They can also develop odd quirks and whims about their preferences and where they desire objects to lay in rest around them. This can look strange for the type, but the true 4F attitude comes out in the flippancy about the physical realm, as LEVFs are quick to calculate the information and move forward. This type does not want to waste time going over too many options or being held hostage creating elaborate profiles of what they like or dislike. LEVFs want the outer image of themselves to reflect what they desire collectively; a space where people can exist as they are and improve their lives as they see fit. For this reason, their style can become minimalistic, stoic, chilled, simple, delightful, and subtle. They often believe that the physical world is merely a reflection of information exchange.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

LEVF Russell Brand
LEVF Fred Rogers
LEVF Ethan Slater
LEVF Sam Harris
LEVF Morrissey
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