Accentuated Flexible Logic

Extremely data driven 2L subtype. Shows their work and desires to continue talking and becoming amused with new data and information. Discusses theories and new ideas with anyone who will listen. Encourages others to think about all possibilities in any given situation. Wants to find the truth and all other versions of the truth that support their current understanding. Has patience in exploring new data and ideas. Helps those who struggle to explain their reasoning for their opinions. Strong interest in the passing of time and how perception plays a role in understanding. Notices manipulation of the facts and wants to understand the intention behind it.

*Note: If you relate to all 4 subtypes of 2L, you are likely the accentuated 2L-2 subtype. This is due to the reflexive nature of this subtype which results in seeing all perspectives, advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and remaining vulnerable and open about the aspect.