Accentuated Flexible Volition

The most talkative 2V. Wide interests in all things related to volition: how to better your life, what decisions you could make in the future, how everything is a journey to continuously learn about the self. “It’s not a race, but an adventure”. They are fine with testing their opinions with others then putting things on hold based on how others reply. Can waste a lot of time and resources planning and plotting things out. May be overly diplomatic and forget to do things on time because they were too focused on possibilities. Often express a true hope for themselves and others about the direction of their lives.

*Note: If you relate to all 4 subtypes of 2V, you are likely the accentuated 2V-2 subtype. This is due to the reflexive nature of this subtype which results in seeing all perspectives, advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and remaining vulnerable and open about the aspect.