Accentuated Insecure Logic

The most aggressive, questioning, and unsure 3L subtype. Goes against the commonly accepted truth and opinions of others. Engages in theoretical debate and is quick to call out what seems logically contradictory. Asks questions and devises new questions from the answers they are given. Refuses to create an opinion themselves unless they feel entirely safe with the person they are conversing with. Feels like logic is an ever-changing area of life that cannot be pinned down – so those that think otherwise are mistaken by default. Demands that people give them their opinions and dislikes when no further discussion materializes.

*Note: If you relate to all 4 subtypes of 3L, you are likely the accentuated 3L-3 subtype. This is due to the reflexive nature of this subtype which results in seeing all perspectives, advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and remaining insecure and uncertain of the aspect.