Accentuated Unbothered Physics

This 4F subtype is truly unbothered about how the outside world affects their body, comforts, and sensibilities. This subtype looks to others for answers to solve their physical problems and does not worry nor stress over them. They can fall into patterns of carelessness about the physical world but are also open to inspiration and direction from others when need be. Strongly secure in what they have and how they currently feel physically as it is only important when these things get in the way of other ventures. May downplay the importance of physics only to later realize that it was an imperative piece of information.

*Note: If you relate to all 4 subtypes of 4F, you are likely the accentuated 4F-4 subtype. This is due to the reflexive nature of this subtype which results in seeing all perspectives, advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and remaining unbothered, open, and yielding towards the aspect.