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1.I can create my own purpose at will. *
2.I am usually right by default until new information comes to light. *
3.I constantly think about how everyone is connected to one another. *
4.I consistently think about tasks I must finish. *
5.I constantly engage in my moods. *
6.I commit a lot of my time to calculating fresh data. *
7.I often think about what materials look and feel the best. *
8.I am frequently planning my life out. *
9.I often think about what aligns to my aesthetic tastes. *
10.I am frequently engrossed in my reactions. *
11.I excel in making assessments. *
12.I put a lot of mental energy towards what I can accomplish. *
13.I categorize and understand data easily. *
14.I am good at deciding what to do with my day. *
15.I spend a lot of time thinking of how to express myself. *
16.I am constantly determining the worth of objects. *
17.I am frequently thinking about my obligations. *
18.I devote a lot of mental energy to thinking about my relationships. *
19.I spend time understanding what looks the most aesthetically pleasing. *
20.I trust my calculations. *
21.I am frequently simplifying complex or difficult sets of information. *
22.I know how to claim possession over any item. *
23.I trust my opinions about people. *
24.I set and reach goals at will. *
25.I aptly comfort myself with items. *
26.I devote much of my time to computing new information. *
27.I constantly think of who I can become. *
28.I know who I can and cannot trust with my emotions. *
29.I consistently think about the decisions I could make. *
30.I express my opinion of others without hassle. *
31.I prove what is right or wrong without hassle. *
32.I frequently think about my space and what is in it. *
33.I can learn how to cook or prepare any sort of cuisine. *
34.I am frequently thinking about my emotions. *
35.I create and achieve goals whenever I desire. *
36.I often offer analyses of how things work. *
37.I can almost always answer the question, “Why?”. *
38.I feel confident in my financial decisions. *
39.I keep constant control over my self-esteem. *
40.I am frequently making associations between people. *
41.I am frequently thinking about logical truths. *
42.I consistently bury myself in my feelings. *
43.I am frequently seeking specific sensations. *
44.I am great at becoming determined. *
45.I am consistently deciding the value of items. *
46.I trust in my own discretion. *
47.I often focus on the passions and emotions I have. *
48.I put most of my energy into interpreting information correctly. *
49.I spend a majority of my time systematizing theories. *
50.I put constant energy towards controlling my desires. *
51.I often think about how I can affect others. *
52.I constantly decide what I want in my environment. *
53.I am great at telling people my inner most intuitions. *
54.I take care of my physical needs consistently. *
55.I constantly compare and contrast logical details. *
56.I follow my whims without worry. *
57.I often think about which foods I desire. *
58.I often make decisions for my future. *
59.I am great at devoting time to learning new things. *
60.I readily display how I feel about things. *
61.I am frequently making important choices. *
62.I am great at assessing appearances. *
63.I recognize who I can confide in with my feelings. *
64.I know which facts are true. *
65.I am frequently feeling self-possessed. *
66.I devote time to sorting out detailed information. *
67.I trust how I handle my expenses. *
68.I often think about who makes me feel good and why. *