The 2F attitude is characterized by a self-positive (Fs+) and others-positive (Fo+) disposition. This disposition creates an attitude that is acutely aware of how physical information can be transferred between itself and the outside world in both directions. 2Fs understand the elasticity, usefulness, and creative element within this aspect and generally feel a sense of fearlessness in discussing or sharing information within this realm. The strategies that each 2F employs may differ in behavior or execution but the core attitude of objective, flexible communication will remain consistent for all 2Fs. Below are some common beliefs and behaviors that you may see with 2Fs. Please keep in mind that these are generalities and do not represent the vast sub-archetypes held within the overall 2F attitude.


Certain • Sufficient • Strong • Passive • Objective • Fearless • Wordy • Expansive • Universal

Keen Senses

• Notice quality of clothing, items and every day object.
• Believe they have a keen sense of what patterns and colors work together, and how to bring value to things that flatter the senses.
• Tend to offer solutions on how to keep things tidy, neat, organized, put together, or nice.
• May converse about sensory experiences for long periods of time, always on a journey to improve.
• Pay close attention to how others physically express themselves.
• Are wonderful at helping others reduce anxiety related to the body and personal health.

Caretaker Role

• Believe they have a natural ability to show others the physical beauty, value and worth of the world around them.
• They want to share their thoughts on healthy living, practical choices and finances while incorporating all feedback.
• Will give others resources and provide advice on the application of resources to practical needs.
• Look for feedback on how others are experiencing their environment.
• Usually tend to everyone in a room and offer negotiable solutions to differing wants and needs.

Blind Spot

• Have a hard time taking ownership over objects without seeing how it can be useful to others.
• Can sometimes become offended by overly critical remarks on appearance as they are sensitive to taste in fashion and aesthetics, which can lead to them bothering more people for opinions.
• May leave things entirely messy but still have a strong confidence of where and why things are in their current place.
• Can become very materialistic but not in a selfish manner, which can cause hoarding and unnecessarily giving away items without being asked to.