The 2V attitude is characterized by a self-positive (Vs+) and others-positive (Vo+) disposition. This disposition creates an attitude that is acutely aware of how volitional information can be transferred between itself and the outside world in both directions. 2Vs understand the elasticity, usefulness, and creative element within this aspect and generally feel a sense of fearlessness in discussing or sharing information within this realm. The strategies that each 2V employs may differ in behavior or execution but the core attitudinal belief in objective, flexible communication will remain consistent for all 2Vs. Below are some common beliefs and behaviors that you may see with 2Vs. Please keep in mind that these are generalities and do not represent the vast sub-archetypes held within the overall 2V attitude.


Certain • Sufficient • Strong • Passive • Objective • Fearless • Wordy • Expansive • Universal

Attitudinal Beliefs

• Believes that all people have the right to decide how the future should pan out.
• Believes that the future can be constructed through dialogue.
• Believes they can balance out obligations and life changes as they arise.
• Knows that they have the power to negotiate responsibilities.
• Expects everyone to hear out all sides of a power struggle.
• Presumes that diplomacy should be the first method to use in solving a dispute.
• Assumes and embraces the fact that goals will change and evolve over time.
• Assumes that decisions are never final and can be changed whenever the individual decides to do so.
• Expects others to share their own vision of the future and what inspires them to act.
• Credits themselves and all surrounding circumstances for where they are in life.
• Trusts in the process of learning what they desire over time and how it is significant.
• Believes that their sense of self is easily changed or influenced and can never truly be lost.
• Assumes that no goal is ideal and will always need extra consideration.
• Believes that any situation can be manipulated to favor the individual.
• Knows that goals are a complex medley of interconnected desires, pressures, wants, and expectations that could change in an instant.
• Assumes that everyone has the answer deep within them of where they should be headed in life.
• Figures that the best version of the future is only possible with compromise.
• Imagines all motivation as fluid and changeable by default.
• Expects others to question the 2V’s decisions and is accepting of the challenge.
• Believes that power moves must be justified to all individuals involved.