The 4F attitude is characterized by a self-negative (Fs-) and others-positive (Fo+) disposition. This disposition creates an attitude that is unconcerned of how the realm of physics may affect them. 4Fs come to an understanding that outside sources have a better grasp over the aspect. The 4F feels a sense of ease regarding physics, and generally desires quick conclusions when they are forced to produce opinions in this realm. The strategies that each 4F employs may differ in behavior or execution but the core attitude of unbothered acceptance of outside information regarding physics will be consistent and true for all 4Fs. Below are some common beliefs and behaviors that you may see with 4Fs. Please keep in mind that these are generalities and do not represent the vast sub-archetypes held within the overall 4F attitude.


Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak • Passive • Objective • Fearless • Flippant • Local • Distinct

Personally Unbothered

• Unattached to the physical world around them.
• Have an unconcerned attitude about paying attention to own comfort levels.
• May miss opportunities on bettering their living environment.
• Can forget to fix or upgrade necessities.
• Leave belongings lying around until they become a hazard.
• Tend to ignore comfort and can look like they are relaxed, regardless of activities going on around them.
• Will engage in practical living when it supports a particular goal or other life interest.
• May form habits at a young age to deal with the lax attitude to their health.
• Will try any sort of new food or style and form an opinion after experiencing it.
• Have to experiment often to figure out their personal tastes.
• Do not like to go in depth about their food preferences, opinion on the value of items, or sensations they are feeling.
• Averse to being reminded of practical measures that need completed.
• Forget to schedule doctor check-ups and follow-ups.
• Have an ability to detach from what is going on around them to dive into the intuitive nature of the moment.
• Do not notice dust, clutter, or filth unless it’s directly impeding a project or goal.
• Do not usually care about the value of objects and possessions.
• Usually have an odd and unorthodox sense of style.
• Tend to completely forget how much money they have.
• Can lose track of their belongings until later stumbled upon – usually by surprise.
• Only want to think once about where they wish to carry themselves in a public space.

Connoisseurs of Physics

• Have an easy time adapting to others’ physical and practical needs.
• Trust in the practical advice they receive as long as they decide it works.
• Accept food and comfort from others without hassle or second thought.
• Prefer to defer to others when making decisions about visually pleasing spaces, aesthetics, and the value or worth of objects.
• Are stellar connoisseurs of finding those who are gifted in effectively and efficiently traversing material affairs.
• Can inquire many different experts and communities about practical skills in order to adopt what works the best.

In Practice

• They are mostly easygoing and neutral about their opinions on tastes, belongings, comforts, aesthetics and practical skills.
• These types tend to focus intently on the results that can be obtained from the material world, though this is not a top priority for them.
• They tend to trust in the feedback that they receive from others when inquiring in all matters related to physics.