The lifepath function contains the most self-confident part of the ego. The block pair contained within is what one believes they excel in and must have control over regardless of circumstances. The mechanism at play is the ego, and what one must maintain to make sure that they are in control of their lives. The two blocks below work together to envision a secure future and sense of control within the individual that supports a healthy sense of ego and strength.

Ego Block

Automating Force: This block is what drives the individual to control, manage, and take power over the part of their lives they believe offers complete protection. The ego block is the driving force in one’s life and is what gives the individual a feeling of passion, meaning, security, strength, and desire to move forward. This concept is what others will notice first about a person from a shallow or outside perspective. (Example: VLFEs will appear to be experts [VL Ego] and knowledgeable in their chosen interests.)

Maintenance Block

Restrained Force: This block contains the idea that the individual uses to support their own ego when necessary. It is often used to seek out new information or strategies from outside sources to bolster a sense of protection and safety surrounding the ego block. When the ego block is fully in control and satisfied with the current state of its power, the maintenance block can go back to dormant and truly be unseen to outside observers.


The “trap” of the lifepath function is activated when the ego block becomes disconnected from the maintenance block either through excessive focus on ego itself, or isolating the first or second attitudes. The main theme that surrounds an individual who has fallen into the trap is a sense of arrogance, narcissism, pride, or callousness. The individual will often overlook the ways they lack a full understanding of a concept and refuse to update their opinions or ideas. They may overwork themselves and believe that they can ignore others and continue chasing their own desires regardless of the consequences. This will look different according to each block that is present in the function, but overall there is a sense of rigid ignorance when one falls into the trap which can turn into indifferent aggression and intimidation if challenged.

Personal Meaning

The “gift” of the lifepath function is activated when both blocks in the function work together to act as a self-managing system of error correction for the ego. Without the ability to self-reflect, one may never update their opinions or beliefs directly related to the ego. However, when an individual does remember to take care of the most vulnerable parts of the self, they tend to reach an existential sense of personal meaning that emanates from accepting the truth regardless of the form it has taken. The gift of personal meaning in this function is what one achieves when they understand that to maintain their sense of safety through their strengths, passions and desires they must also open themselves up to criticism, betterment, and improvement.