The outsource function contains the most problematic and often ignored part of the ego. The block pair contained within is what one believes they must outsource to others to deal with sufficiently. This area of life is where one looks for answers externally to any sort of question or negativity internally. The two blocks below work together to track information and release responsibility for the stressful areas in life.

Desperation Block

Automating Force: This block is what quickly drives individuals to become overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. The desperation block is where one believes they have the least control and requires extra energy to deal with so there is often a descent into desperation when fully engaged. The block held within is the idea that others may see as one’s weakness. The anxieties and overwhelm that crop up in one’s awareness when this block is activated are automatic.

Priority Block

Restrained Force: This block contains the idea that individuals use to quickly prioritize their time and how things can be streamlined to waste the least amount of energy. This block is often used to calm the fears of the third attitude through repetition and routine. The more automatic and subconscious this block can become to manage the anxiety, the better. However, many people do not unlock the potential of this block because of the aforementioned anxiety, so therefore this power is often restrained.


The ”trap” of the outsource function is activated when the desperation block becomes disconnected from the priority block through self-sabotage, anxiety, fear, and a reluctance to face the darkest parts of the self. The individual becomes trapped in dread and often imagines the worst case scenario in their future when falling into the trap. Any escape disappears from the psyche of the individual and they feel as if they are falling down an eternal spiral of doom. The anxiety of the third attitude ignites the fourth attitude to look for confirmations of the biggest fears being imminent. This negative energy continues to swirl into a vortex of panic and leads the individual into a total implosion, sometimes resulting in complete psychological breakdown. This trap is responsible for how we view the most frightening parts of ourselves and how we believe our surroundings will sabotage us when we are not looking.


The ”gift” of the outsource function is activated when both blocks in the function work together to face the darkest parts of the self to flip the negative to positive. Rather than folding and succumbing to constant dread, the gift of attainment is achieved by turning towards the darkness and learning how to organize it to work with the native attitudes and personality structure. The individual learns to accept the dark parts of the self and welcome the anxiety that comes with it – knowing that things will turn back to their favor as long as they can accept the feelings of the present moment. Gratitude is often the feeling that replaces the anxiety because hidden growth that was unrealized prior is now present. The gift of attainment comes from enduring the dark night of the soul no matter how far down the rabbit hole it goes.