The resolution function contains the most efficient, stubborn, and resolute part of the ego. The block pair contained within is where one believes they must quickly adopt principles to support the basic operations of their own survival. This function is how one tracks the pivotal moments of their lives which gives a sense of continuity and meaning through completion of objectives. The two blocks below work together to inform the individual of tangible targets to aim their efforts towards that align with their own wants. This function is where we confidently and quickly make decisions because they seem the most “real” to us.

Demand Block

Automating Force: This block is what drives the individual to make hasty and confident decisions about their own version of their basic needs and desires. The demand block is where one fights off any feelings of existential doubt, confusion, and weakness. The individual views this block as obvious information and usually avoids discussing it in depth. This block is where questions are expected to be answered rather than expanded upon, and all other inquiries should serve the goal of meeting the current demand of the individual.

Purpose Block

Restrained Force: This block contains the hidden, and often surprising, desires that individuals remain unaware of until it is either brought to their attention or realized in a lucid moment. This block is often suppressed due to the individual adopting principles early on in life to deal with any of the concepts that surround the aspects held within. The information is seen as obvious because there is no need to take it into the ego beyond the explanations that others offer us. This block can be seen as mysterious and even mystical to the religiously inclined as it is where things just “seem to work however they work”.


The ”trap” of the resolution function is activated when the demand block becomes disconnected from the purpose block either through excessive focus on meeting demands in one’s life, or isolating the first attitude from the fourth, which is extremely common. This disconnect is what is responsible for overlooking important details, complex information, and deep meaning. Individuals who fall into the trap can become severely depressed due to the loss of discernment of the events happening in their lives. Everything can become gray, formulaic, and repetitive which can also lead to dependence on substances or other addictions. Life stops having the magical quality that makes us interested in the finer details and is replaced with an animalistic urge to feel in control through over-indulgence of the familiar. This trap is also responsible for individuals who isolate themselves due to the perceived energy loss that would happen if they were forced to engage with others. Nothing seems real unless it can be quantified and understood through the first attitude.


The ”gift” of the resolution function is activated when both blocks in the function work together to dig into details, complexity, and the unknown. The fourth attitude is often the first to be ignored when problems arise in the psyche. This devaluing of the fourth aspect is a very common coping strategy for most of humanity as it can feel overwhelming to engage in without proper guidance. However, the gift of engaging in this attitude and how it directly feeds into your first attitude is a realization of the true depth of human consciousness. The recognition and active exploration of the purpose block is responsible for most spiritual experiences, awakenings, and emotional breakthroughs. The details in this block look foreign but feel strangely familiar as it is clear to the individual that there is an inverse relationship between how they view both the first and fourth aspects. The more that this relationship can be explored, the more one can break free from depression, meaninglessness, superficiality, and addictions. There stops being a need to demand satisfaction which is replaced with an appreciation for the intricate details outside of themselves that shape one’s beliefs about the world and how it relates to who they are. This realization of the fourth attitude’s power shows the individual that reality exists in many forms, not just what is immediately pleasing or available.