Overview: Hoarding the aspect for yourself. A one-way street of energy into the self and you are the conductor. “I take what I want from the world in relation to the aspect.”


Certain • Sufficient • Strong


Aggressive • Subjective • Vulnerable


Flippant • Distinct • Local

The confident position is characterized by a self-positive disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as certain, sufficient, and holding strong beliefs.

The confident position also has an others-negative disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as aggressive, subjective, and vulnerable.

When we combine the self-positive, and others-negative dispositions this position holds, we see that an orientation towards desiring results comes into play. This results focus is what gives the first position a flippant, distinct, and more specific feeling to it. The confident position wants to get the results it desires, and is extremely certain in how to reach these desires. It tends to guard its own vulnerabilities at all costs, unwilling to let anyone take control of what is deemed as integral to its survival.


Shows certainty towards own self-conception, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts of the aspect. Tends to speak in complete thoughts without diverting, stuttering, or wavering.


Believes that they can sufficiently form an opinion, idea or thought about the aspect. Does not hesitate to trust their own reactions, attitudes, and responses that the aspect may provoke within them.


Believes that they have what it takes to deal with complex and complicated reactions and attitudes that they may have about the aspect. Shows their strength easily to others.


Shows a tendency towards doubting, angrily reacting, rejecting, being skeptical, overlooking, denying, and renouncing the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of others.


Shows a tendency towards recognizing the value of the aspect within their own preferences. Personal opinions, beliefs and thoughts of the aspect are often seen as more important than those of others.


Views forming opinions, thoughts and beliefs of the aspect as relevant to their own survival, safety, or identity/ego. Carefully traverses the aspect with defense and guarding the self as the top priorities.


Disregards the seriousness or expectations from others to discuss the aspect in depth. Quickly searches for answers to achieve a desired result in relation to the aspect. Blurts out prospective answers to problems without digging further.


Looks for constant constriction and management when dealing with all things within the aspect. Wants to keep outsiders from adding time-wasting information into all discussions about the aspect.


Believes each “thing” speaks for itself and should not be equated, related, or mixed with other things within that aspect. Recognizes and focuses on the differences between objects, opinions, beliefs, and ideas about the aspect. Wants only relevant ideas about the aspect.

Click on the pictures below to view how each aspect looks in the confident position – these are known as the attitudes.