Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak


Passive • Objective • Fearless


Flippant • Distinctive • Local

The Unbothered Position is characterized by a self-negative disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as uncertain, insufficient, and holding unassured/weaker beliefs.

The Unbothered Position also has an others-positive disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as passive, objective, and fearless.

When we combine the self-negative, and others-positive dispositions this position holds, we see that an orientation towards desiring results comes into play. The results focus is what gives the fourth position a flippant, distinct, and more specific localized feeling to it. The Unbothered Position wants to get the results they desire, but are uncertain about how to reach these desires. For this reason, this position can defer to outside knowledge to quickly figure out how to achieve a result and move on. They rarely feel vulnerable or protective over themselves regarding the aspect held within. If someone needs help with the aspect, the fourth position requires specific direction so they can provide an answer and move on.

Click on the pictures below to view how each aspect looks in the Unbothered Position – these are known as the Attitudes.

4V – Unbothered Volition

4L – Unbothered Logic

4F – Unbothered Physics

4E – Unbothered Emotion