Overview: Giving the aspect away – disowning it. The energy is leaving/evaporating/being given away, and therefore moving away from the self. “I give away the aspect freely to the world. I don’t need it unless it is imperative to my survival.”


Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak


Passive • Objective • Fearless


Flippant • Local • Distinct

The Unbothered Position is characterized by a self-negative disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as uncertain, insufficient, and holding unassured/weaker beliefs.

The Unbothered Position also has an others-positive disposition towards the aspect held within. It comes off as passive, objective, and fearless.

When we combine the self-negative, and others-positive dispositions this position holds, we see that an orientation towards desiring results comes into play. The results focus is what gives the fourth position a flippant, distinct, and more specific localized feeling to it. The Unbothered Position wants to get the results they desire, but are uncertain about how to reach these desires. For this reason, this position can defer to outside knowledge to quickly figure out how to achieve a result and move on. They rarely feel vulnerable or protective over themselves regarding the aspect held within. If someone needs help with the aspect, the fourth position requires specific direction so they can provide an answer and move on.


Shows uncertainty towards own self-conception, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts of the aspect. Tends to speak in broken, fractured and incomplete ideas about the aspect.


Believes that they cannot form an opinion, idea or thought about the aspect without revising, laboring, or reaching out to others regarding the aspect. Hesitates and distrusts their own reactions that the aspect provokes within them.


Believes that they do not have what it takes to deal with complex and complicated reactions and attitudes that they may have about the aspect. Requires immense effort to show strength or resiliency to others.


Shows a tendency towards accepting, positively reacting, being open, acknowledging, accepting, and adopting the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of others.


Shows a tendency towards recognizing the value of the aspect outside of their own preferences. Personal opinions, beliefs and thoughts of the aspect are often seen as equal to or less than those of others.


Does not view the idea of forming opinions, thoughts, and beliefs of the aspect as relevant to their own survival, safety, or identity/ego. Freely explores the aspect without the need to defend or guard the self.


Disregards the seriousness or expectations from others to discuss the aspect in depth. Quickly searches for answers to achieve a desired result in relation to the aspect. Blurts out prospective answers to problems without digging further.


Believes each “thing” speaks for itself and should not be equated, related, or mixed with other things within that aspect. Recognizes and focuses on the differences between objects, opinions, beliefs, and ideas about the aspect. Wants only relevant ideas about the aspect.


Looks for constant constriction and management when dealing with all things within the aspect. Wants to keep outsiders from adding time-wasting information into all discussions about the aspect.

Click on the pictures below to view how each aspect looks in the Unbothered Position – these are known as the Attitudes.