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The duality relation is the most compatible relationship between two partners. Duals incentivize one another to growth in areas where they are weak while feeling valued for their strengths. It is easy for an individual to believe a dual is good at handling life because the dual possesses a confident ease in attitude that the other individual does not. However, as one gets closer to their dual, they realize the false idealization they have created of them, as it becomes apparent the dual remains consistently unattended to aspects of life that you regularly dominate. Duals both admire each other’s strengths and naturally teach each other how to navigate weaker priorities in life. This symmetrical relation benefits both partners.

Duals are quick to come to conclusions about their results attitudes. The partner’s Confident attitude leads the other due to their easygoing Unconcerned attitude. The partner with the 4th attitude follows the advice of the other and pays close attention to how they address their confident area of life. Understanding exact steps helps the partner achieve the desired results of the 4th attitude quickly. The partner with the 1st attitude feels deep support from their dual when they allow independence in their most prioritized aspect of life. Their dual listens with interest when they express ideas, even abruptly or flippantly, about the aspect within the 1st attitude.

In this relation, duals allow each other to discuss at length the process-oriented aspects. The partner’s 2nd attitude opens their dual’s deep insecurities. They talk about their dual’s insecurity without pressuring them to form any commitments about this aspect. This process gets the partner out of their comfort zone while respecting their boundaries. The owner of the 2nd attitude enjoys the challenge of exploring the options of their dual’s process aspect. This ability to speak about the process aspects of life reveals that the duals are strong where the other is weak. This pairing sustains long conversations without much effort. The partner’s 3rd attitude feels ready to express doubts and questions about their dual’s more confident aspect. They feel free to indicate when their dual is wasting their time on options, when normally they would not engage with this insecurity regularly. Feeling accepted by their dual, the insecure partner does not try to hide their quirks.

Duals feel comfortable and challenged by each other, which keeps the relationship interesting. The mutual support makes each partner feel superior and inferior depending on which aspects of life they are conquering together. Duality allows each partner to be themselves more than any other relation.

The fascinating part of the Duality relation is that the more each dual spends time working through an aspect, the more they move towards the opposing orientation together. For instance, if partner 1 has Confident Volition (1V) and partner 2 has Unconcerned Volition (4V), the more they communicate within the volition aspect, the more they will naturally tend towards learning how to process volition in a comfortable way. This also works in reverse with process moving towards results. The more a pairing processes out information, the more they will come to conclusions regarding that aspect. This is, in part, why the Duality relation is extremely growth oriented and highly compatible long term. Our dual keeps life interesting and open-ended naturally. Whether good or bad, they will never feel stuck.