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The Sister relation is often the friendliest connection between two people in Attitudinal Psyche. This relation is defined by similar confidences and disposition toward interests, while being able to talk and mutually help each other stay positive through their shared and compatible process aspects. They often find each other in similar activities and immediately recognize their shared end goal. While both types look similar on a superficial level, they differ in that they talk about areas of life with varying confidence and frequency. Their shared process aspects support the independence of the other. When these types come together, there is an instant attention on attaining results of their dominant aspect while building on each other’s process aspects.

Both types in the Sister relation have shared stimulating experiences which brings them together. They may spend extended periods independently addressing and building upon their dominant confident aspects, but it is agreed that “life gets in the way” when it comes to the first priority. However, these types know that the presence of the other person allows them to guide the other regarding their insecure aspect. While they feel important to another person, their own insecurities benefit from the flexibility of the other partner. There is a sense of improvement always looming in conversation and perception with this pairing. Discussion of options and growth makes the other feel progressively secure in their preferences, much like the relation of Duality.

The preoccupations of the dominant confident aspect drive these types together when their goals are similar. However, the types can be driven apart when they have different views of how to handle the aspect. It is rarely taken personally when Sister types deal with their first priority separately. If they do not ruin the experience of the other, they will find it acceptable to let the other become involved with their own confident aspect. Sister types share this primary filter of the world in addition to the unconcerned aspect. This pairing agrees that matters of the last aspect are best dealt with by other people. Individuals know not to rely on each other to address any issues in this arena. Since the unbothered aspect is uninteresting to both types, they trust that the environment will let them know when to address it.

There often tends to be a shared humor within this relation. Sister types, like siblings, can poke fun at one another or others, and understand that this is not a threat of any kind. They tend to be able to be honest with their own limitations but still leave space for improvement and encouragement when necessary. They can run into problems if either feels stifled, but both partners tend to understand how to utilize space when necessary. This is something that we can see consistently among shared sexta relations, but it is most pronounced in the Sister relation.

The Sister relation most often leads to a relief in pressure among individuals. Both partners know what pushes the other and what they are uninterested in, so they can relieve insecurity and fear within the process aspects that plague their psyche. Once this pressure has been released, each partner can be themselves and fully maximize their potential. The only wall that this pairing must overcome is the mutual fourth aspect. Once they understand to engage in the unconcerned aspect more than they currently do, they have the ability to transcend what holds them back.