Accentuated Confident Physics

Value oriented subtype who constantly compare the quality of all things and believes that only they know what is worth the most. Strong bodily awareness. Opinionated about practicality and aesthetics, openly declares what is “best” and ignores dissent. Moves items and things regardless of if they are allowed to. Believes they are entitled to their own comfort and desired bodily sensations and will express this openly. Gives out advice about the physical world whether asked or not, unbothered by any feedback. Trusts themselves to remain in control of their environment. Reserves the right to treat their body however they see fit and scoffs at anyone who has an opinion about it.

*Note: If you relate to all subtypes of 1F (except for 1F-0), you are likely the accentuated 1F-1 subtype. This is due to the reflexive nature of this subtype which results in seeing all perspectives, advantages, disadvantages, strengths, weaknesses, etc, but still resulting in one’s own concept of the aspect.