2X-1 “Follow-me”

Self Focused

The 2-1 subtype is the most leaderlike of the flexible subtypes. They are prone to stating their opinions flat out regarding the aspect held within while retaining a self-focused demeanor. There is little holding back with this subtype as they are attempting to use their fearless aspect to lead by example. They seem to want to create higher levels of standards that others can observe and adopt for themselves without focusing on other people. The 2-1 subtype is still a process-oriented attitude at its core, so they are not trying to conclude the aspect like a true confident attitude would. However, they genuinely want others to follow their lead and overcome fears and obstacles by being as fearless as they present themselves to be. The follow-me subtype is looking for opportunities to express itself and become a bastion of hope for those who are less confident. This subtype is not as argumentative as the 2-3 subtype, but more unrelenting, blunt, and willing to impart its knowledge endlessly in a confident manner through long monologues. This type reports a strong need to guide others by example, so they can discover their best selves in the aspect.

2X-2 “Accentuated” (High Contrast)

Depth Focused

The 2-2 subtype is the most obvious to identify out of all the flexible subtypes. They tend to have a huge range of information and opinions towards the aspect and involve all opinions and viewpoints of the people around them. There is a constant need to move forward with this subtype so they can explore every piece of information available, no matter the source. They can also focus on balancing information between themselves and others, while refusing to reach a conclusion. For this reason, they are always testing their opinions with others, desiring to have consistent dialogue. This subtype rarely ever gets tired of sharing information or expressing their opinion about the aspect. They may come off as overly talkative and unconcerned about getting a desired result as exploration is the focus. The 2-2 subtype can undergo the most intense pressure placed on it without budging. This is because they continue to be curious about the “why” behind every construct, even if it means putting themselves in precarious situations. They have the most patience for others who are destructive and skeptical.

2X-3 “Elaborate”

Method Focused

The 2-3 subtype is the most argumentative of the flexible subtypes. This type desires feedback no matter what the situation is and will purposely pry at people to get them to respond. This subtype may come off as impersonal, as there is no real focus on the “who” of the matter but rather “how” someone is doing something. They offer up many options to problems and will even explore the negatives, so long as it leads to more information to process. This subtype can get lost in feeling as if they must gather more details regardless of who is involved. They worry about how dead ends could cut them off from exploring things deeper, so to counter this they will dedicate themselves to uncovering hidden obstacles. They are not fearful of the aspect itself but rather fearful of how outside influences (especially of their own insecure aspect) can limit them attaining more information. They wish to deeply elaborate on the “why” behind every construct much like the 2-2 subtype, but there is a specific lack of personal investment that is generally present with the 2-2s. The 2-3 subtypes want to explore every closet, attic, basement, and crawl space of the aspect held within. They can come off as being insecure but the defining difference between them and the insecure attitude is their positive, can-do reaction to obstacles and new information.

2X-4 “Secondhand”

Others Focused

The 2-4 subtype is all about being an active listener to others. This subtype can appear rather shy but there will always be a focus on supporting and encouraging others to share their experiences or explore their own fears. The 2-4 subtype recognizes the gift they have for others but is more interested in what others believe themselves. They see themselves as a secondhand source of information that can be explored by others when necessary but truly believe that everyone can figure out their issues for themselves if they try. They often downplay their power, choosing to be modest instead so they do not attract unwanted attention. The 2-4 subtype has an awareness of appropriateness that no other subtype has. They wish to support people in the most ideal way and if that means they must hold onto information for another time then they will do so, as they believe others have the answers within them anyway. They tend to have an awareness of what makes other people tick and will attempt to get others to see this within themselves as well. The nature of this subtype to ignore themselves can make them mistype as the 4th attitude but like all flexible subtypes they do not back down from fearlessly discussing the aspect if fully engaged in it. They are genuinely self-positive, though it does not appear this way at first glance.

2X-0 “Obscured” (Low Contrast)

Adaptation Focused

The 2-0 subtype can be seen as the most to-the-point, no-nonsense, lax, chill, and untalkative of the bunch. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are shy because they often simply do not wish to waste time processing their own internal reactions out loud. They would rather save the processing that happens within the 2nd attitude for their own internal dialogue. This type can tend to think that all information regarding the 2nd aspect is obvious so there’s no need to over-process it, but will gladly put themselves in situations where others are discussing the aspect. The positives to this subtype is they are well attuned to keeping themselves from engaging in useless banter and extra information but the negatives are that they can fall into hibernation and cutting themselves off from showing their true selves to others and talking things out that need to be discussed. This type tends to be doubting of both their own positive and negative views of a situation. They often do not care about being overly talkative, seeming curious and interested in the aspect which can lead to mistyping as 3X or 4X. Eternal neutrality is often the resounding theme in their lives which confuses others who see them occasionally give feedback and engage in the aspect.