3X-1 “Façade”

Others Focused (O)

Those with the 3-1 subtype are the most bold and aggressive out of all the third attitude subtypes due to being others-focused. This subtype tends to mitigate to their confident aspect to create a façade of assuredness that enables them to avoid the insecurity and possible anxiety that may arise from engaging in their third aspect on its own. They will often refuse to back down or engage in processing information unless their defenses have been pierced by whoever it is that they are communicating with. They easily point out flaws in other people and can use the finger of shame to shift blame to someone else. This also enables them to deconstruct problems and troubleshoot the “why” in how something went wrong. One must break past the façade to entertain the information that the insecure attitude wishes to process, which is what this subtype does once they feel safe. The 3-1 subtype uses their reactive and sensitive nature to draw up fortitude in protecting against what they think could harm them even if the affront is slight or negligible. By focusing on what is wrong with the outside world they can distract themselves from processing out their own insecurity.

3X-2 “Intrepid”

Method Focused (M)

The 3-2 subtype tends to want to drum up as much information about a subject as possible. This is the most likely insecure subtype to share what they experience of the aspect held within in a deceptively “open and honest” way. Unfortunately this “openness” leads to a lot of negative outcomes and loose ends that ultimately stoke up the insecurity of this subtype. They commonly self-deprecate or make fun of their own insecurities to ease the pain that suppressing fears inflicts on their psyche and to reject personal grievances that their 3rd attitude causes. They usually mistype when solely focusing on behavior because they see themselves processing out information in relation to that aspect and think that they are much more positive than they are. There is a tendency to be determined in communicating the information to others as they desire constant processing but are still dodging negative responses or too much interweaving with people. This is where the name “Intrepid” comes in because they embark on a journey but fail to focus on the people involved which causes their downfall. For this reason, they often ignore how others are affecting them until they explode, leaving many memorable negative experiences that can tarnish the aspect.

3X-3 “Accentuated” (High Contrast)

Depth Focused (D)

The 3-3 subtype is the easiest to identify as a true Insecure attitude as they generally do not hold back in negatively transmitting what makes them feel insecure. They will criticize and imagine others’ experiences next to their own to differentiate how they are in comparison. The 3-3 subtype wants to process out all possible negative outcomes with every individual involved in the aspect. They question anyone else’s authority over the aspect and prefer to create their own experiences and intricate opinions that no one can criticize. This subtype tends to be the most openly sensitive to outside attacks (as all are sensitive under the surface), whether perceived or real. This means that they often behave in a variety of ways making them difficult to pin down or “call out” as their third attitude is constantly shifting and reacting – which is par for the course for this position. They tend to immediately react to information related to the aspect held within, even if their response is totally disproportionate to what was said or declared.

3X-4 “Trivial”

Self Focused (S)

The 3-4 subtype tends to focus on their own insecurities and fears and how it has ruined their own experience with the aspect. At times they can victimize themselves and mentally spin out about how the aspect has negatively impacted them. They will often attempt to manage their anxiety with step-by-step instructions of how to “fix” their issues within the aspect and they do this on their own time more so than the other subtypes due to being self-focused. This subtype tends to escape direct challenges of their opinion of the aspect and will use mocking sarcasm or underhanded jabs to get back at the culprit before disconnecting and isolating themselves. There may be more of a dormant phase of the 3rd attitude present with quick interweaving reactive phases throughout their lives. The 3-4 subtype frequently trivializes any attack made against them because others are not what matters in their perception of the aspect. What is unseen to the observer is that any attack does bother this subtype but by trivializing others they can process the insecurity on their own time.

3X-0 “Obscured” (Low Contrast)

Adaptation Focused (Z)

The 3-0 subtype tends to be the most careless about defending itself. This type wants to ignore all insecurities that crop up in their awareness by neutralizing the problem and moving on. They may refuse to process sensitivities by acting as if nothing bothers them. “It’s fine” is a common phrase they incorporate into their dealings with the 3rd aspect. The 3-0 subtype has a difficult time realizing what the core issue is within themselves because they purposely obscure the feelings of dread as soon as they arise. They can tend to push things off until a later time or adopt a “nothing matters” nihilistic attitude about all things related to the aspect held within. This type is prone to outbursts after long periods of time suppressing their true frustrations and irritations surrounding the 3rd aspect. The aggression that comes spilling out of the 3-0 subtype may not be as explosive as other subtypes but it is memorable for anyone involved due to its surprising nature.