The 4V attitude is characterized by a self-negative (Vs-) and others-positive (Vo+) disposition. This disposition creates an attitude that is unconcerned of how the realm of volition may affect them. 4Vs come to an understanding that outside sources have a better grasp over the aspect. The 4V feels a sense of ease regarding volition, and generally desires quick conclusions when they are forced to produce opinions in this realm. The strategies that each 4V employs may differ in behavior or execution but the core attitude of unbothered acceptance of outside information regarding volition will be consistent and true for all 4Vs. Below are some common beliefs and behaviors that you may see with 4Vs. Please keep in mind that these are generalities and do not represent the vast sub-archetypes held within the overall 4V attitude.


Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak • Passive • Objective • Fearless • Flippant • Local • Distinct

Personally Unbothered

• Can go long periods of time not worrying about taking on new responsibilities.
• Tend to only do things to feel a sense of accomplishment when needed.
• Will transition back to a quiet lifestyle afterwards, unless this is a part of their career.
• May forget to reach out to friends and family for moderate periods of time, unless they’re particularly social, but they still do not overtly worry about it.
• Usually feel that their identity and character is fixed, but can be changed slightly when needed.
• Do not concern themselves with endless life improvements or direction changes.
• They can have an ability to appear effortlessly successful due to their lax nature regarding volition.
• May not be concerned with proving themselves or showing off too much confidence.
• Can ignore how they affect others and stick to patterns until it is mentioned that they should change them. Take extra time to energize themselves.
• Sometimes let obstacles stay in the way until they actively notice them.
• Will drift between searching for inspiration and ignoring it.
• Remain unbothered by volition, even if others are pressuring them.

Connoisseurs of Volition

• Have a keen sense of knowing who can handle power, obligations and responsibilities.
• Pay close attention to who gets things done efficiently and with confidence.
• May weigh their options in deciding what to do next in life based on the feedback from others.
• Will expect quick solutions regarding how they go about executing their plans or future decisions.
• Are connoisseurs in understanding who has the strongest character and are willing to do what it takes to advance their goals.

In Practice

• Most easygoing and neutral about their goals, willpower, life’s direction and decision making.
• Tend to focus intently on the results that can be obtained from starting something new (or planning it).
• Do not like to prioritize putting mental energy towards imagining what they could achieve, or decide to do next – so quick results are expected.
• Tend to trust in the feedback they receive from others when inquiring in all matters related to volition.