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7/24/22: Slight update to the Sexta descriptions – added process vs. results orientation and a small description.

7/21/22: Added “Attitudinal Psyche vs. Psychosophy FAQ” page to the Theory tab. Please check out to understand the core differences between the systems and common questions that are asked!

7/1/22: All 24 AP type descriptions have been fully updated with the latest data and knowledge of the types. Be sure to check out how each has been revised by visiting the Personality Profiles tab.

Another Piece to the Puzzle of Personality

Why do we have specific internal reactions to certain situations in life? How can we better understand people who differ from us? How do we maximize our happiness and purpose by figuring out what motivates us at our core?

Discover the inner drives and dispositions that form your native attitudes. Explore the Attitudinal Psyche types and compare how you and others respond to the world for a whole new understanding of your relationships.

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Exciting news! All typing & coaching sessions have resumed for the New Year. For more information, please click the button to the right. Thank you!

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Theoretical Basis

How did Attitudinal Psyche come to be? If you’re curious of the theory and building blocks of the system, be sure to read about the theoretical basis. The research gathered from tens of thousands of participants in surveys, tests, and forms have provided a rich explanation of what drives us to our fundamental attitudes.

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About the History, Founder & Artist

Learn more about the history of Attitudinal Psyche, the founder’s vision of the future of the system, and how to contact and follow the Artist of all the illustrations you see throughout the website!