FELV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in creating a desired mood or aesthetic that they can fully entrench themselves in regardless of how positive or negative it is. The FELV appears to be protecting their relationship to the physical world by resisting skepticism, rules, naysayers, or anyone that pulls their attention from their sensory desires. They may come off as hedonistic, seductive, charming, emotional, festive, materialistic, luxurious, dark, accepting, rule-breaking, rebellious, and at times dismissive if anyone attempts to make them feel stupid or inferior. The FELV seems to want control over their identity through fully controlling the details and materials that come together to produce the mood that they crave.

FELVs have a calm and sensual approach to the physics aspect. One might confuse the placement of physics in this type’s attitude structure but underneath the outward calmness lies an opinionated assuredness of what they find desirable, beautiful, or practical. This type wants to create a mood out of the environment that they can fully indulge in with all of the senses. They rarely incorporate the opinions of others when it comes to their aesthetic taste, though they tend to be pleasant about it (as long as they are not triggered). FELVs may have extravagant or completely stripped down minimalist spaces. The trick to understanding the attitude is to observe which vibe they are going for or where they place their energy. This type resists rules about their appearance and can become counter-cultural if they do not align with the dominant expectations of their place of origin. They may seek out alternative ways to dress, live, practice religion, or eat and can become especially reclusive if they know this will cause discord with others. FELVs have a tendency to fall into their own fantasy worlds which can lead them to a unique style (often involving dark and sensual themes). The telltale sign of this attitude structure is the strong desire to resist rules placed on what they find enjoyable.

FELVs have an extremely supportive and sometimes passive 2E. This type wants to explore the emotional mood that is created between themselves and others while encouraging open communication and understanding. This can lead to the type appearing more extroverted than they are – which can surprise others when they see how shy, standoffish, and quiet the FELV can be. This type is often warm towards those that are in their circle, whether friends or significant others. They can explore any sort of bizarre or strange topic that may be offensive, and disable the defensiveness of others surrounding the topic. This ability of the FELV is unique to the type and is often what sets them apart from others. No matter the emotion that the FELV is feeling, they have an attitude that is positive and willing to express the emotion to fit the external environment. When upset or angry, they often remove themselves until they can rejoin with an appropriate attitude. However, if the situation calls for aggression, they are willing to express the more extreme emotions that sometimes inhabit their mind. The version of this type’s 2E is to follow the emotional journey of what lies in front of them.

FELVs have a quiet and sometimes secretly contemptuous 3L attitude. This type rarely believes the first thing they hear is the truth, especially if it affects their magical beliefs or thinking. However, this does not mean that they openly questions others – quite the contrary as they are prone to bottling up their skepticism towards the logical realm or quickly backtracking on any aggressive stances they take. The most common manifestation of their 3L is refusing to take reality at face value. FELVs want to dig into the details and challenge the accepted version of what is factual. This type often figures out alternative explanations for common phenomena, which can feed into their enchanting mental view of how the world works. Like their near-identical type EFLV, FELVs can also use sarcasm or wit to undermine someone that they believe is a “know-it-all”. However, FELVs do not like to be perceived as stupid, even if it is done for satirical purposes. This type can be quick to verbally reject ideas put forth but then continue listening to track if maybe a worthwhile point materializes. For this reason, they can come off as quirky rather than closed-minded, which keeps them from the verbal sparring that more reactive 3L types can engage in. Despite that, this is not a rule and some FELVs can explode if pushed too far in logic.

FELVs have one of the least active relationships to the volition aspect. This type is often perfectly fine with following an easy plan or guide on how to live their life and strategize for their future. They can forget or ignore their goals and instead fall into a comfortable “ignorance is bliss” mindset if they are not careful. FELVs tend to be interested in some form of art or expression, so if they can align their career or personal power with these interests then they can stay on the road towards their goals. However, if these artistic interests are only side hobbies that are neglected for extended periods of time, then FELVs will lean towards inactivity and idleness in their lives. The positive news is that this type takes advice from others with extreme optimism and a listening ear, so if they can stay involved with a mentor or business manager, they can be more successful than any other type. FELVs want ideas that make sense for their future and prefer a no-nonsense approach to figuring out what works best with their personal preferences. If given too many options, FELVs can become overwhelmed, so the more simple and direct a solution is then the more comfortable this type is to pick a route forward.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

FELV Taylor Swift
FELV Kurt Cobain
FELV Lucy Lawless
FELV Eugenia Cooney
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