LVEF is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in coming up with action plans to better understand and integrate knowledge, emotions, and the underpinning of reality that binds these abstractions together. The LVEF appears to be protecting their emotional vulnerability by diverting their focus towards collaboration, gathering data, spurring ideas, and creating seamless opinions based on the objective collected data. They may come off as quiet, astute, perceptive, heady, scientific, level-headed, serious, cooperative, well-mannered, and at times anxious over how they come off to others. The LVEF seems to want control over their identity by creating clear maps of knowledge that reflect how life ebbs and flows in numerous directions.

LVEFs have a quiet and astute 1L. This type tends to believe that their opinions and reasoning skills are a tool for deconstructing the world around them, rather than using them to create rules and order like most 1Ls. LVEFs usually feel patient and accepting of new facts when they arise, as they trust in their own curiosity to lead the way through information. Although LVEFs do have a more relaxed 1L, this does not mean that they want to spend endless amounts of time comparing opinions with others. The goal of this type is to come to a conclusion after gathering the necessary facts activated by their curiosity of the theoretical realm. LVEFs believe that their own reasoning skills are what enable them to bring large scale change to their environment. At times, they can appear elitist, stand-offish, and arrogant regarding their own opinions. This can lead others to believe that the LVEF is only interested in academic information, and can give off an icy, closed-off impression to others. However, the first impression is rarely ever accurate for this type, as the more they trust you, the more they will engage in a large variety of topics within conversation. LVEFs want to align themselves with their version of the truth and as long as others respect their authority to believe and impart knowledge as they see fit, then the LVEF will remain positive and open to external feedback.

LVEFs have a contained and sometimes hidden 2V. The LVEF mainly uses their relationship to volition to get along with others. This type tends to be quite agreeable when it comes to plans, responsibilities, and shared duties. They are easily moved towards new goals and will sometimes forget about any previous arrangements which can give them a scattered appearance. This can also enable the LVEF to fade into the background of social situations since there is a willingness to meet people where they are when it comes to their energy levels. Contrary to the other 2V types, LVEFs are often socially introverted unless they can hyper-focus on the implementation and teaching of their ideas, or if they are the neurotic and over-thinking archetype of the overall type. This type often has a penchant for success via logical idealization which can intertwine with their 1L and cause them to become unstoppable in creating wide-reaching public opinions. They can become intent on receiving feedback for how they have impacted others and use this to continue improving their skill or trade. LVEFs believe everything can be mentalized and figuring out the core components of the movement of reality is the most important idea to intellectually consume.

LVEFs have an extremely reserved and avoidant relationship to the emotion aspect. This type is notorious for refusing to engage in the emotional world unless it is a complaint or worry that must be solved in the moment. They can become seemingly unfazed by any emotional feedback, yet internalize the exchange once they are on their own. LVEFs, contrary to how they appear, care deeply about their own and others’ emotional worlds. They have an extreme sensitivity to being hurt, offended, rejected, berated, verbally attacked, or trampled over. This sensitivity is what tends to keep them emotionally dry when it comes to dealing with others interpersonally. However, when LVEFs do open up to others, a world of complex observations about the quirks and motivations of humanity tends to come out. The only condition to seeing this hidden part of the LVEF is to offer an emotionally safe environment where they can explore without feeling negative or biting feedback. If the LVEF senses even an ounce of discord within the emotional environment, they will either quickly respond with aggression or put up their impenetrable wall without a second thought. This type understands their own emotional fragility and devises quick fixes to protect themselves.

LVEFs tend to have the classic stereotypical 4F. This type wants to forego spending too much time discussing, thinking about, or exploring the physical realm, as they do not see much of a point for doing so. However, they are receptive to feedback from others about physics, especially when it comes to financial, and career advice (mostly because of the combination with 2V). LVEFs often create theories about their environment and enjoy categorizing the effect that it has on the body. This type will notice minute details about others that are often missed and want to solidify them into an intelligible cause-and-effect system. Despite this, if reality transcends beyond the theoretical, LVEFs like to keep things simple. As long as they have the basic necessities to continue logging their observations, they are usually happy. For this reason, they can under value the role that the body has in their own happiness, which can be countered if they happen to surround themselves with people who are knowledgeable and confident in dealing with the physical world. In the mind of an LVEF, the more simple a solution is to getting their needs met, the better.

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LVEF Richard Dawkins
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