LEFV is one of the most philosophical Attitudinal Psyche types. This type tends to endlessly fixate on understanding how people and ideas interact in reality. LEFVs generally believe they should remain open to all people’s emotional responses, and will combine all they’ve learned about aesthetics and reactions into a logical conclusion. LEFVs tend to be intrigued by theoretical subjects, mainly – but fashion, cooking, and other subjects of the physical world can manifest in their psyche from time to time. The abstract nature of the LEFV is due to their aggressive intellectual pursuit that does not necessarily relate to life goals. This type wants to be able to interact and engage with whomever can give them new things to conceptualize. LEFVs may resort to extremes when it comes to getting things done in their practical lives. This type greatly appreciates others who consistently provide feedback on new ways to take care of their needs. They may go from overworking themselves – to pushing off physical needs entirely, though, they are very open to outside assessments of their own limitations.

1L – Confident Logic

LEFVs have an unwavering thirst for new knowledge. They believe they can construct and deconstruct any sort of new information or philosophy so long as the information is available. Though this type is confident in their own capabilities in logic, they are rather skeptical of others’ abilities in this domain. Out of all 1L types, this type may have a bit more trouble verbalizing intellectual disagreements due to their shy nature. This, however, does not stop them from trying to build their arguments and lightly presenting them to others – carefully mitigating anything that could be perceived as condescension. This sort of behavior may enable the LEFV to present their arguments as generalities rather than strict logical points. LEFV’s most dominant arguments arise in the opinions of value, health, and aesthetic.  This Attitudinal Psyche type is always positioning themselves in ways that leads to more knowledge and insight. They confidently navigate the ever changing tide of scientific thought.

2E – Flexible Emotion

LEFVs believe that encouraging pleasant social environments is ideal. They may insist that the vibe or atmosphere of a room remain relaxed and fun loving. This can even lead to encouraging raucous environments so long as all participants are on board. Never too obscene, most of their humor is subtle and clever. They hide their judgments in light hearted word play. LEFVs tend to agree that human communication should always be an open avenue, and may struggle to find boundaries when it comes to what they actually want out of a relationship. LEFVs have a keen eye for art that is unique and unusual. They enjoy discussing possible meanings and depth related to the conception of art or music.

3F – Insecure Physics

LEFVs may have trouble when it comes to understanding their lifestyle in the physical world. They are generally unsure of what the best method is to improve their health and practical skills. They can go from over-investing in healthy eating, intensive exercise, and strict lifestyle principles – to totally ignoring any effect of the outside world’s affect on the body. This lack of assuredness in these realms can sometimes give the LEFV their trademark melancholy nature. The accepting and thoughtful tendencies of this type combined with the internal anxiety over their surroundings, gives the LEFV a both serious, and goofy undertone to everything they say. There’s a subconscious layering of communication that they do not unpack unless it’s directly asked what it is they mean.

4V – Unbothered Volition

LEFVs are generally agreeable when it comes to their identity and desires. They may appear as if they are afraid to offend others, but in reality, it’s solely their willingness to go with whatever the other party wishes. LEFVs tend to understand that the world is massively expansive and emotional and willpower related decisions are largely relative. Hence, when LEFVs make decisions, they focus on immediate answers that can be obtained from the world. There is no desire to endlessly discover how they can have an affect on their own and others’ willpower. LEFVs are true minimalists when it comes to tough decision making. They go with what makes sense, and look for credible sources to help them decide as quickly as possible. This aspect of the type lends itself to their non-offensive nature – always encouraging an agreeable relationship, while acquiring exactly what is needed to move onto the next step.