LEFV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in imagining new philosophies or ideas that can apply to humanity in a way that promotes open communication. The LEFV appears to be protecting their right to passionately state their own beliefs while refusing to feel strained or shamed into changing the methods in which they apply these beliefs. They may come off heady, deeply concerned, intellectual, day-dreamy, idealistic, illusory, thoughtful, reflective, and at times completely detached from their own desires and life goals. The LEFV seems to want control over their identity by confidently assessing how the world works and what they can do to keep themselves from falling victim to cynicism, overwhelm, and bodily harm.

LEFVs have a dreamy, idealistic approach to the Logic aspect. They tend to want to feel positively about the opinions they hold, and are highly resistant to others insinuating they are wrong or incorrect. The LEFV has a hard time letting go of philosophies that they hold dear, and will passively resist those who attempt to destroy or infect their worldview. LEFVs often take pride in their beliefs through monologuing the information that they have gathered. Underneath the idealistic, utopian exterior, there is often a deep sadness that accompanies the vulnerability this type feels in recognizing that other people must be convinced of “the truth”.

LEFVs reach out to others through discussion and dialogue involving emotions. The LEFV has no issue exploring the emotions, feelings, moods, and personal opinions of others. They often encourage others to share what they are feeling, and will attempt to fit a response into their own philosophy they have created. This type often has trouble becoming truly mad or upset with others, as the tendency is to continuously figure out why someone feels the way that they do, which only bolsters their daydreamer image. LEFVs must be careful not to become overly emotionally patient and get sucked into a destructive dynamic with psychologically unhealthy people.

LEFVs have a peculiar 3F. They typically make fun of themselves to hide the anxiety or discomfort they feel regarding their body or health. There is a tendency for the LEFV to look 4F, as they try their hardest to resist letting the negative thoughts of the physical world infect their philosophy. For this reason, they can become perfectionistic, interested in alternative measures and beliefs, or overly obsessive about fixing physical problems before they start. LEFVs can sometimes hide away from the world, even if they are extroverts, to feel a sense of security over their environment, bodies, health and physical energy.

LEFVs have the most apparent 4V in comparison to the other 4Vs. LEFVs are extremely open to feedback from others regarding how they should organize their future plans, make decisions, and generally conduct themselves to get the most out of their willpower. They do not like to philosophize over this part of their reality, and can appear chill, lax, or even careless about how their lives might unfold. Oftentimes if an LEFV can adopt a routine that works for them, they will not stray from the same decision making process for many years. LEFVs generally will not impose their power on others (unless psychologically unhealthy), and enjoy being seen as a person with sage philosophical advice and ideas.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

LEFV Meryl Streep
LEFV Denis Villeneuve
LEFV Psyiconic
LEFV Robert Monroe
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