LVEF – The Deviser
LEVF – The Visionary

Evolution Cycle: Solving chaos. Resolving the issues that plague our personal and professional lives through wholeness, happiness, and pleasing sensation.

Role: Ending cycles. Bringing joy to one’s life. Learning how to harness emotions and willpower into happy solitude. Finding who you are and why that matters. Helping and serving the self as best as possible, while documenting the journey. Becoming one with all we’ve built.

FVEL – The Flourisher
FEVL – The Impressionist

Process Emotion & Volition: Exis prefer to process, discuss and partake in a journey through emotion and volition. You will often hear them conversing in depth about inspiration, motivation, teamwork, and diplomacy.

Results Logic & Physics: Exis prefer to conclude, quickly decide, and waste the least amount of time when it comes to logic and physics. You will often hear or see them being flippant and prompt when it comes to their own desires for precise details, logistics, coordination, and analytical accuracy.

Cultural Significance: Exis can be found in the thriving, flourishing, and wholesome parts of any culture. These types desire to feel a sense of internal completion no matter what they decide to do in life. For this reason, Exis need easy living where the only struggles are those that you have chosen for yourself. Everything must have a reason or else it is extraneous information that could potentially cause needless discord. This sexta is integral to humanity because they show us the roadmap to living a fulfilled life without worries, pointless struggles, or caving into the unfair expectations of others.

This sexta tends to settle their physical needs through implementing practical systems. Exis explore how they feel about their own character to adapt it to an organized, meaningful lifestyle. The goals and emotions of others are welcomed and discussed freely by members of this sexta.

Exis see the complexity of human expression and honor how it can translate uniquely into a range of personalities. For this reason, they often accept many different types of people, and try to find ways to work with them. This sexta often has firm and decisive views on their aesthetic tastes, as there is a focus on feeling comfort and obtaining completion from their surroundings.

Exis usually change their habits without consulting anyone. They prefer to change things based on how useful they are, or how well they fit into their lifestyle. If an object serves no purpose other than discussing and sharing of opinions, they usually avoid it.

Members of this sexta often refrain from instructing people on how to live their lives or arrange their priorities because they trust others to have their own way of accomplishing tasks. Matters of knowledge and correctness are best handled by the most expert individual, or however the person desires.

Exis often participate in wellness, mental health awareness, laboratory science, or any fields that enhance the potential of human growth. Environments allowing clear logistical structure and increasing material rewards appeal to this sexta. Inspiring others to express who they are comes naturally to them, as they truly wish to empower themselves and others to serve the self as ideally as possible.

Exis typically spend a great deal of time discussing who they are and all the ways in which they could change. They want to find practical means of resolving any chaos that may enter their lives. Members of this sexta reject misinformed or useless advice-givers, as they prefer to decide how to engage in life as they partake in the journey itself.

People can perceive Exis as stuck in their routines or too wrapped up in quiet solitude. Some Exis endlessly pursue knowledge at the expense of their physical well-being, while others focus on satisfying their bodily needs without considering the facts. Regardless of which polarity they fall in, Exis enjoy structure and maintaining physical needs by adapting and then resolving any issues that arise.