VLFE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in creating a path for themselves through raw determination that is informed by their openness to new ideas and information. The VLFE appears to be protecting their right to carry out whatever decision they have made for themselves by careful consideration of the physical consequences that may arise. They may come off as leaderlike, movement oriented, expertise driven, blunt, talkative, commanding, self-assured, empire-building, authoritative, or scientific given that their interests move in that direction. The VLFE seems to want control over their identity through taking whatever destiny or outcome they believe is theirs while sharing the details of their experience with others.

VLFEs have the most efficient and forward thinking 1V. This type treats their goals as inevitabilities that only need a fair amount of effort to achieve. They rarely discuss their plans with others, unless an explanation is necessary to recruit help for what they have already decided is their path in life. VLFEs believe they can become an expert in any subject or skill they put their mind to and will gladly share this knowledge with others in a blunt and direct way. This type believes that they are in charge of their destiny and often have a calm, smooth confidence in chasing after what they want. VLFEs have an attitude of invincibility in the volitional realm as any potential road blocks are seen as minor no matter how limiting.

VLFEs tend to have a strong attention to detail when it comes to the logical realm. This type believes they can go in depth into any subject without the fear of criticism or of being wrong. When the VLFE realizes they are incorrect about logical details, they are quick to move towards the correct answer or bounce new ideas off of others to find what is right. This type usually feels a sense of professorial duty to teach and guide others to what they have learned. They often desire to cover each new point and detail they come across while specifying all potential pitfalls and possibilities that can arise from the present mental map they have created of their logical interests. VLFEs want to create an atmosphere of open sourced knowledge that one can empower themselves with if they so choose.

VLFEs have an incredibly tumultuous relationship with the physics aspect which results in one of the most demanding attitudes out of all the 3F types. VLFEs can hyper focus on details of the physical world to the point of obsession which can make others confuse them for a 1F type. They often want to use their convictions and goal-achieving nature to overcome their own physical insecurities through determination and willpower. The more this type can prove to themselves that the physical world cannot stop their progress, the more secure they feel. VLFEs may feel an intense sense of scrutiny and negativity when it comes to body image, physical symptoms, food allergies (sensitivities), or overworking themselves. This type needs to feel in command of all the details of the material world that can elude them from their expertise seeking nature.

VLFEs tend to have a forthright and honest 4E attitude when emotions do crop up into their awareness. This type tends to notice the expression of others and does not back away or cower from considerations of what is important to others. They can at times poll others to figure out what is emotionally significant to their partners, co-workers, communities, or whomever they personally value. This can flavor certain VLFEs to look more interested in justice, politics, and fairness – but they will not be openly expressive and emotional themselves. Although VLFEs do not take their own emotional world seriously, if something happens to stunt them from reaching a desired result they will quickly deal with their own emotions towards that object. This type can tend to be motivational and inspirational once they find peace in their anxieties, which may come off as atypical for a 4E type.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

VLFE Elon Musk
VLFE Rihanna
VLFE Michelle Pfeiffer
VLFE Tyra Banks
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