FLEV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in using details and logical musings to gradually transform their environment to be whatever fulfills their sensual and physical needs. The FLEV appears to be protecting their need for comfort, both psychologically and physically, through gathering data and scrutinizing its value to them personally. They may come off as hedonistic, comfort seeking, lax, immovable, heady, satirical, tasteful, picky, detail-oriented, philosophical, spiritual, mystical, or ironic if they are a particularly opinionated individual. The FLEV seems to want control over their identity through gathering and sharing information that they believe will deepen a sense of worth and value towards their lives.

FLEVs have a picky and sometimes vocal relationship to the physics aspect. This type does not shy away from expressing what they like and dislike in their surroundings. They have a strong fascination with aesthetics and mood, similar to their sister type FELV. However, FLEVs are much more lax and hidden about the emotions that drive them. This type wants to be the authority of all incoming senses and will refuse to allow others to tamper with their comforts if they have already claimed them. FLEVs do not like to waste time in direct confrontation with others, so they tend to pre-meditate and plan around potential conflict that may overwhelm them with negative emotion or dramatics. This type gives off an air of hedonism that communicates to others that the FLEV will get what they desire in the physical world no matter how others protest. For this reason, FLEVs can appear highly chaotic and physically vivacious if their vulnerabilities are triggered into action. This type may have a fascination with physical activities that provide abundance like: gardening, farming, metalworking, sports, competition, thrift-shopping, and collecting. This only aids into the typical view of the FLEV as someone highly focused on the value they can attain from the material world.

FLEVs have a highly active relationship with the logic aspect. This type wastes no time digging into the details, particularly physical, of everything they observe. They tend to carefully consider information regardless of source, and interrelate it to all other sources and past experiences they have had with that particular idea. There is a hyperactivity present in willingness to entertain new possibilities and ideas surrounding logic that only few types can match. Along with the focus on logic, FLEVs can become collectors of philosophical ideas. Like all pentes, there is a strong focus on the past and how it compares to current ideas in humanity. This type often finds lost ideas of the occult, ancients, and hidden writers or philosophers. If their interests do not stretch that far back in history, they will instead tend towards endless breadth of outside opinions rather than depth. Regardless of their focus, this type does not stop collecting data and feeding it into the sensual vision of their life. FLEVs desire to share opinions and encourage others to join along, even if they strongly disagree with their ideas.

FLEVs tend to have a firmly concealed 3E attitude. This type often refuses to express their emotions and believes that this part of themselves must be saved for entirely safe situations where they cannot be criticized or thrown into emotional turmoil. They may attempt to feel safe by pointing out how hysterical others are and satirizing versions of what they believe are frenzied emotions. For this reason, FLEVs can often have behavioral overlaps with EFLVs. However, the satirical nature of FLEV is an actual mask of the emotional depth held underneath, in contrast to the EFLV’s version of satire that has multiple truths about themselves strewn into the character or act. FLEVs dislike any situation where emotions may cloud their own judgment or throw them into disappointment or negativity that they did not choose to partake in themselves. They often want a negative experience to have a purpose, and if nothing interesting or of value can be obtained from it, then it is better off left ignored. They can become dejected and sad looking, while refusing to verbalize the emotions held within unless it is aggression or anger.

FLEVs, like all pente types, can have a mixed state of first and fourth attitudes. They may have short bursts of inspiration to reach a desired future goal but will ultimately use this inspiration to serve a physical need that they value. FLEVs may be highly opinionated about what they like and dislike on an aesthetic level, but easily take orders from others if the goal is seen as useful. This can give off a confusing impression to those who have witnessed the pickiness of this type. Ultimately, the FLEV is open minded to possible future ventures, especially if there are details to obsess over. They may not want to waste time discussing goals as the process is less interesting than reaching a result, but they rarely shoot down opinions in this realm. FLEVs can be very hard workers since they are a 1F type, pushing their body to extremes to reach a coveted physical or environmental state, but there is rarely any extensive thought put into considering other options unless they come across a solution by chance.

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