LFEV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in creating a detailed rule book of how to organize and appreciate the finer aspects of life. The LFEV appears to be protecting themselves from being emotionally damaged through a heavy focus on the truth value that can be obtained by fully immersing themselves in the physical specifics of reality. They may come off as particular, rule-oriented, epicure, intellectual, detail-oriented, closed off, proper, elitist, idealistic, dark, quiet, upright, and at times poetic if their interests move towards philosophy and art. The LFEV seems to want control over their identity through being a reliable source of information and detailed facts that are not spoiled by overly subjective or loud emotions.

LFEVs have a calm and confident approach to the logic aspect. This type believes that they have an exceptional ability to discern what is true in all domains of life. They have a strong valuing of precision and exactness when it comes to gathering details. The LFEV does not want to be wrong or let others determine the meaning of facts and ideas. However, this type rarely loses their cool on the spot if they disagree with others. Instead, they will save their annoyances for a separate time when it is more appropriate to dispute a fact. This type does put their opinion forward if they feel it is necessary but often does not have a lot to say which can create a shy, calm appearance. LFEVs want to know that they have control over their perception of the facts. They will resist outside opinions or bluntly reject them if they do not fit into the internal map that they have created. For this reason, they can come off as uncooperative in academic spaces if they do not have authority.

LFEVs have a highly discerning 2F. Since this type is overly invested in precision, they often dig deeply into the aesthetic appearances of things. Each new facet of an object or aesthetic gives them new information to ponder and fit into their idealistic view of its beauty. This type is notoriously picky about taste, food, presentation, and mood – which is not stereotypical for 2F. However, LFEVs are aware of their pickiness and are still willing to entertain the opinions of others in the realm of physics, especially if it fosters further conversation. Consequently, they can randomly bring up their preferences when others are not expecting them to do so, which can be confusing for those that painted them as a shy or withdrawn person. This type can fully invest in learning new practical skills, and there is a tendency to focus on the presentation of its beauty or how to reach an ideal standard with a pragmatic approach. LFEVs believe that the pleasures of the world should be shared.

LFEVs have the most withdrawn and sensitive 3E attitude of all types. They feel that the world is a hellish landscape of unfettered emotional expression, manipulation, and disingenuousness. This dark view of the world can lead others to believe they are nihilistic but surprising to most, the LFEV wants to shut out the darkness unless it offers new insight to protect the self. This type can become preoccupied with the many different emotions they feel internally and become confused at the vast contradictions that exist in that space. For this reason, LFEVs can become skeptical of those who put their emotional life on public display without considering the discrepancies in the process. If left unchecked, LFEVs can become depressed, bitter, and spiteful towards those they consider more lively, emotive and inspirational than they are. There can be power struggles present in the mind about what it means to educate the self and others with this type. They may feel that they have to convince others to follow their own ideas in order to be accepted and in good relational standing with others. However, once LFEVs push to understand and express themselves, they can learn to accept their emotional vulnerabilities regardless of how frightening they may be.

LFEVs have a carefully organized 4V. This type believes that as long as they can organize the details of their future, then there is no need to worry about responsibilities and obligations as they can be handled as they appear. The problem this type runs into with this thinking is they fall into rationalizing events rather than participating in the action it takes to reach the end goal. LFEVs tend to be willing to engage in task-work, physical movement, and practical measures which helps them have a better relationship to volition, however, outside of a quick goal or physical need, they do not think too deeply about what they can accomplish in the long term. LFEVs may become downtrodden about their lack of motivation and this can seep into their 3E insecurity and cause immobility and depression. Although LFEVs can be combative and arrogant about their opinions, they have an openness to motivational people, and rarely resist those who lay out an action plan for them to take. The LFEV finds step-by-step, sensible solutions to be ideal and tends to respect those who push them to align with an ideal trajectory.


LFEVs believe that they can automatically figure out the precise details needed to form a conclusion or opinion. This type becomes so focused on the exactness of their reality that they forget to track things as they move and change. They feel correct by default which adds into their resistance to update or review their previous opinions. LFEVs must learn to slow down their hard-wired desire to form immediate conclusions and instead focus on how information can change over time. Although this idea tends to feel mentally taxing to this type, they will find that their opinions will hold up better to scrutiny and outside criticism if they put in the time and effort to understand how their opinions facilitate the practical web of operations that run our world.


LFEVs are frustrated and annoyed at themselves when they must focus on how to connect their ideas to other people. Educating others feels dangerous, because the emotions attached to their peers or students may be easily riled up if they overstep an unseen boundary or say the wrong thing to the wrong person. LFEVs want their ideas to be true and self-evident to others. For this type to grow and find liberation from the frustration that plagues them, they must express how they feel regardless of the fear and insecurity that comes with the potential of a negative emotional response. Hiding the self under layers of pretention and avoidance of their emotions will only lead to entrapment. LFEVs need to explore how their emotions inform their opinions.


LFEVs want quick fixes and instructions on how to live life. This type would rather obsess over the details of the present than waste time preparing for the future. When they need a reminder of where they are headed, they expect the answer to be readily available. However, the problem materalizes when LFEVs forget to check all the options available for their future. They may overlook genuine opportunities and miss out on something fulfilling. LFEVs need to develop a sense of expertise in a chosen area of their lives. This wisdom offers the type an ability to discern what it is they truly desire. Instead of viewing the future as a non-issue, this type can feel connected to their future self and what that version of the self entails.


LFEVs ruminate about what they find enjoyable and satisfying to their body and sensibilities. This type is prone to feeling anxious and unsure of who and what to keep around them. They feel suspicious of others and are always assessing whether someone fits into the mood that they desire. This suspicion often leads to this type quietly shutting things out of their awareness. However, LFEVs must learn observe and accept the uncomfortable emotions that bubble up when dealing with people and things. Short term strain will lead to a long term acceptance and peace internally. This type has to trust their emotional reactions instead of blaming them on something wrong with their body, diet, schedule, preferences or bad mood.


LFEVS do not cause much of a fuss when plans change. They will go with the flow when necessary and are accepting of changes in scenery, as long as they are free to give their opinion when needed. This type tends to forget about the possibilities their surroundings can offer them and will give this responsibility over to others without much resistance. LFEVs forget that their needs are directly tied into their future. This type must learn to take their desires seriously – take command over their lives and learn about how the environment and its multiple branches of possibilities are necessary to have a clearer picture of what they want.


LFEVs struggle to find inspiration and a strong sense of an emotional self. This type is highly resistant to causing a stir or being emotionally open and willing to entertain feedback. They feel an impending sense of doom when others notice how they are feeling and if those feelings are in any way vulnerable. This type must learn how to take those emotions and motivate themselves to be who they truly are. Stop hiding behind the facade of a connoisseur who has highly revered opinions and start digging into what makes the self important, useful, human, and worthy. LFEVs attain a higher sense of dignity and honor when they can accurately pinpoint the most human parts of themselves. They stop appearing robotic and start feeling more human.

Common LFEV Quirks

•Shares thoughts on fashion / style
•Highly opinionated of all things
•Idealizes perfection
•Has a biting sense of sarcasm
•Master of taste and decorum
•Deconstructs the elements of a mood
•Pays attention to trends
•Uses precise speech
•Has a hidden romanticism / sadness
•Tends to have a soft and monotone voice
•Judges artistry harshly
•Wants to adopt the best philosophy
•Collects things to represent their past
•Relates people to their roles in life
•Quietly directs others to the truth
•Loves to organize, color-code, tidy up
•Sensitive to personal criticism
•Assumes others notice what they do
•Surprised by dramatic displays
•Chases complete and absolute experiences
•Hides their hurt and disappointment
•Extremely picky

Stereotypical Image

LFEVs appear introverted, quiet, attentive and focused. They love to look perfectly coordinated in their fashion and want to fully embody a style or feeling. This type will add small touches to their outfits that gets others to take notice of the impression they are exhibiting. LFEVs are performance artists, but rather than being candid about this part of themselves, they want others to see it for themselves. Each piece of jewelry they add to their outfit changes the way they are perceived and this type is acutely aware of this fact. “Proper” is a great word to describe their image, though this does not exclude them from alternative cultures and lifestyles. LFEVs often decide and propogate which feeling, style or mood fits into which genre or sub-culture.

Archetype Variations

Tidies up, color-codes, stays in the present moment

Artistic, specific, communicates a mood, collects unknown information of different cultural genres

Rarely speaks, emotionally shut off, dislikes overt displays of emotion, robotic

Knows their role of the “intellectual”, collects facts to present to others, highly trustworthy and dependable

Finds perfection in logical details of human events, relates people to systems, pulls others into the present moment