ELFV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in chronicling their emotional experiences of the world through elaborate details regardless of how negative or positive that experience has been. The ELFV appears to be protecting themselves from rejection, aggression, and physical threats by creating a detailed and rousing map of the story of their own lives aimed at attracting interest or intrigue. They may come off as talkative, intellectual, lyrical, educational, bizarre, unique, artistic, apprehensive, acquisitive, and sometimes materialistic if the physical sensations are a core part of the story they are telling. The ELFV seems to want control over their identity through the validation that nothing can hurt, limit, or discard their emotional point of view.

ELFVs have the most candid and detailed relationship to the emotion aspect. This type desires to engross themselves in their emotional whims and desires no matter what form it takes. There is usually a poetic quality with this type, though this does not always have to be the case as they can hide the intuition and explore it for themselves. ELFVs believe that they must communicate their emotions in a way that prioritizes meaning and significance. They often have extreme emotions hidden just beneath the surface that others may be unaware of. This type wishes to take these emotions and weave them into complex and interesting stories that can be expressed either verbally, or through some form of art. ELFVs crave insight that they can take from any situation and add into the complex picture of their own life. This type views their inner world as an unraveling novel; the past and future both being important to the narrative. The focus is not only on the story, as they also want to internalize these sentiments, believing that the strong convictions give significance to the ELFV’s ego.

ELFVs have a very talkative and descriptive 2L. This type is always open to musing about the events happening around them and will consider all points of view regarding the facts. Although ELFVs can be sensitive, they rarely feel insecurity about being incorrect. Instead, they listen, reflect, adopt new ideas and replace old beliefs as necessary. This type will also encourage others around them to think for themselves and be wary of coming to logical conclusions too hastily. ELFVs want to understand how processes work, and furthermore, how these fundamental laws of reality can spice up their own vision of their identity and why it carries significance. This type can become philosophical with a strong reference to the passing of time and chronicling experiences in various ways. They may prod at others to give them as much information as possible so the ELFV can take away substance or value to apply to their own lives, however, they are generally yielding with ideology and rarely push or argue against ideas.

ELFVs have a hypervigilant 3F attitude. This type often has a strong negative reaction to stimuli that has not been prepared for. They have a belief that the physical realm is always ready to be thrown into chaos, negativity, or disarray. With this belief comes negative body issues, strange eating habits, hyper-neuroticism about health, and behavior that may resemble compulsions. ELFVs tend to desire synchronicity in their environment so they can relax but run into issues as doubt about how they will physically feel can crop up at any moment. This ever-present doubt may take a toll on the psyche of this type and plunge them into melancholy. They can develop a negative attitude that victimizes the self, feels overworked, judged for their appearance, and physically worthless. On the positive side, ELFVs can become astute observers of their surroundings, instantly honing in on any flaw that they perceive. For this reason, you may find them in any career or hobby that involves beauty, fashion, artistic expression, or decorating.

ELFVs have one of the most regimented 4V attitudes. Although this type has a tendency to appear gloomy at times, they tend to organize their future plans abnormally well for having unbothered volition. This type will let others take charge when it comes to projects or taking responsibility but have no issue following through with their end of the deal. They may take on more work than they can possibly do without giving it a second thought. The trick for this type’s unusual volitional activity is the adoption of routines and procedures. ELFVs are able to trivialize their future unless it has strong emotional significance, so tasks are often delegated to their 3F compulsions rather than worrying about how their character comes off to others. This can work against the type, as they can become “stuck” doing the same thing over and over with no results. For this reason, they enjoy being around others who have more of an inventive or ingenious nature. With hard work and attentiveness to possible future paths, this type can become an expert in any field or interest they choose.