VFEL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in taking control of their lives through establishing structure and fostering emotional equilibrium no matter how daunting the task may be. The VFEL appears to be protecting themselves from psychological and emotional chaos by freely sharing their vision of order that enables them to take authority over their life decisions. They may come off as energetic, stern, regimented, authoritative, pure, minutely sullen, disciplined, organized, detail oriented, poetic, and at times artistic if they have chosen to engage in their hidden emotional world. The VFEL seems to want control over their identity through mediating their need to feel emotionally safe with their desire to maintain commandment over their choices.

VFELs have a surprisingly internalized relationship with the volition aspect. This type believes that they have the right to decide their future regardless of external circumstances surrounding them, even in times of intense scrutiny or loss of freedom. They may do what they want by default without asking for permission and can easily pressure or persuade others to join them in their cause. VFELs have a tendency to put the entirety of their energy into their projected future, yet this might not be obvious to outside observers as this type can stay distant and reserved. This typical behavior related to their attitude structure is what separates them from their VFLE cousin type. Although VFELs may appear shy or standoffish, they can surprise others with pointed commands and leadership. These sudden interactions happen often and is what signals to others that this type is more imperious than they first seem. The VFEL believes that they must work diligently to achieve their end goal and can refuse to stray from their perceived path forward. Like all Tesseras, this is what creates the idealistic feel to this type.

VFELs have a hands-on and communicative approach to the physics aspect. This type believes that the physical realm can be a gateway to their end goals and has no trouble captivating themselves and others in the details of the material world. For this reason, VFELs can have an artistic edge that is missed with the common perception of this type. They often get caught up in conversing about aesthetic particulars like: food, style, artistic impressions, sensations, and scenery. This type may obsess over organizing their environment – not out of fear or neuroticism, but rather seeing this as an opportunity to find possibilities to see the corporeal world in a new way. VFELs tend to focus on memories of past sensations and desired future artistic impressions, which can give them a surprising dreamy quality. This feature combined with their sudden commanding behavior creates a unique archetype that gives this type its title: The Arbiter.

VFELs have the most stoic and restrained 3E attitude. There is almost always a reluctance present in the communication style of this type. They frequently divert any forthright emotional expression into a joke, or an important goal that they have made for themselves. This does not mean that VFELs never emote but they may use the internal sentiments they feel to create art, as the metaphorical value of emotion is much safer and more meaningful than true vulnerability. The emotions are seen as a burden and there is usually a fear present that the emotions will either overwhelm them or overtake their goals if they are not carefully dissected or (in more stunted circumstances) ignored entirely. VFELs often appear cold and closed off which can give them an overlaying sad demeanor. Ironically, this can attract others towards them, as the impression given off is one of quiet, grounded power. It is not uncommon to see VFELs go into the arts but usually as a leader or organizer.

VFELs have a simple approach to the logic aspect. This type wants quick and no-nonsense answers to every day problems. They tend to avoid wasting time going too deep into theoretical possibilities as this can steer them off course from their goals. However, they become easily captivated by philosophical discussion, as this brings meaning and intrigue into their normally straight-forward view of life. VFELs tend to look for the answer that makes the most sense and then build their objectives around this answer. For this reason, they can go decades living their lives around the same principle until they feel compelled to find a new answer. Conversely, they can throw a logical principle away rather quickly if it is not serving them. There is no fear or doubt about what is true or false, so the VFEL feels it unnecessary to waste time worrying about logical details. This type knows that the answer becomes obvious whenever it is time, and this can further bolster their ability to move forward without hassle.

Officially Typed Notable People

VFEL Beyonce Knowles
VFEL Quentin Tarantino
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