There are three types of tests you can take to determine your AP type. The first test (Advanced Test) is a multiple choice test and takes the longest. You will receive your likely AP type(s), and also your likely Enneagram type and Tritype®. The second test is the Basic version of the main test. It is only recommended for those who are brand new to the theory, as it is much easier to manipulate and bias.

Tritype® was created by Katherine Fauvre. Please visit her website @ to learn more, and take the official test!

The third test is a word association test which requires ranking the overall feeling of groups of words until narrowing it down to a final card, which will reveal your likely AP type. Each test has advantages and disadvantages, but the Advanced Test is the most accurate.

119 Questions: Typically takes 30-90 minutes.

68 Questions: Typically takes 10-35 minutes.
21 Sets of Card Rankings: Typically takes 20-60 minutes.