LFVE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most concerned with perfecting details and personal rules to feel a sense of control and order within their lives. The LFVE appears to be interested in managing highly complex information and how it can change over multiple layers of reality. They may come off as intellectual, detail-oriented, strategic, mathematically perfectionistic, politically driven, or interested in consulting and advising, so long as the other party is willing to openly provide details. The LFVE seems to want control over their identity through fully exploring specifics, details, and cultivating a reasonable explanation to de-construct any issues that may arise in life.

LFVEs are the most aggressive and self-confident 1L type (and type overall regarding logic). This type often believes that they are correct by default and will only admit to logical incorrectness due to not having access to the information that was needed beforehand. However, this internal aggression is generally not verbal or loud, so it often manifests as logically stonewalling others. LFVEs tend to believe that their ability to discern and categorize information is supreme, which can often lead them to discount any negative response or skepticism from others. They trust in their own conclusions of what the truth is and desire to enact foolproof methods for others to better discern logical information. If the LFVE does not have the truth currently, they certainly believe they will come upon it when they feel ready to take on that decision – which could be months, or even years from the present.

LFVEs have the most open and talkative 2F. This type wants to share details and facts about the physical world with others while also provoking a response. LFVEs usually desire that the conversation about items, objects, food, or aesthetics turns into a journey of sampling new sensations. All information regarding touch, taste, sound, smell, and aesthetic are documented in the mind of an LFVE as this journey through life inspires them to create order out of chaos. This is also where the occasional goofy mood arises for the type. The senses are seen as a playful arena where anyone can engage and learn more about themselves. The penchant for this type to engage in practicality is strong but it is not something that they hoard for themselves as the LFVE tends to believe that all people can adopt structure into their lives to achieve healthy decree. This is where the core belief of building order inspires their consulting nature.

LFVEs have the most shielded 3V. This type tends to make decisions based on how they can avoid pitfalls moving forward in life. The core component of this behavior usually leads back to an attitude of disgust or revulsion to making the wrong decision. LFVEs can obsess over multiple possible routes that their decisions could evolve (or devolve) into and will often revert to logical prowess over raw confidence because being wrong opens them up to vulnerability. Alternatively, feeling too much pressure or failure can plunge LFVEs into their emotions, where pent up sadness and frustration can leak out in a display that often shocks others. Doing things for the sake of doing them or ordering the LFVE around without explanation is the quickest way to trigger the insecurity within this type and they often try to rationalize it as quickly as possible. The LFVE truly believes in careful consideration of actions and how they could negatively affect one’s happiness or security.

LFVEs have the most carefree 4E. LFVEs often believe that emotions are meant to spice up life and give it the dimension it needs to be logically significant. They tend to relate emotions back to the ways they handled a situation and will often rationalize them as practical and fair responses. LFVEs usually do not have trouble talking about their emotions if they are not expected to emote and process the significance of them in real time. This type appreciates those that can abruptly and fiercely decide how they feel without fear. Although the LFVE may not personally feel the same way as others, they tend to respect the world of emotions and relationships as significant.

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LFVE Sweet Anita
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