EVLF is the Attitudinal Psyche type most focused on inspiring others through novel thought and ideas. They believe the all human identity is adaptable and forever changing.

This type will encourage others to behave in a way that best suits their own emotional and physical needs.

EVLFs spend most of their lives consistently spearheading new (and perhaps odd) approaches to old problems. They often believe that any system can be renewed with a little energy and optimism.

This type may spend a lot of time discussing all the possibilities and details of how things can be done. They usually focus how their goals can satisfy aesthetic and emotional ideals. EVLFs can have a wide array of plans and projects that can change at a moment’s notice.

However, they can reply with fierce skepticism to any logical criticisms or limits that others place on them.

This type generally wears their emotions on their sleeves. They only refuse to express negative emotions when it inhibits their ability to inspire others – if the expression needs to be negative to fulfill an agenda, they’ll usually do so.

1E – Confident Emotion

EVLFs have a confident attitude on what it is they’re feeling at any given moment. They may or may not choose to express this emotion but when they do, they are highly sure of it.

There is a dance between the emotions and desires this type feels as they don’t want to turn anyone off to their own potential. For this reason, EVLFs often believe punishment is a useless strategy.

EVLFs don’t ask anyone for permission to have emotions and often give heavy importance to the array of moods they feel. They may have immediate reactions to cultural, religious or artistic practices without filter. They fully accept any intuitions they have of others.

This type can constantly create a vibrant picture of the world. EVLFs take care of their physical self in order to experience the breadth of their emotions at all times.

2V – Flexible Volition

EVLFs are comfortable helping others understand what they’re capable of. They may give up all of their personal time to make sure others feel inspired and energized towards their goals and identity.

This type feels a responsibility in keeping peace between those around them. At times, they may suppress their own negative emotions in order to feel a sense of community with others. However, this does not mean the EVLF doesn’t harbor strong and often disruptive emotions.

EVLFs tend to love logical puzzles that press them to move forward with their goals. They take an interest in self-development when it offers new insight into hidden paradigms.

They prefer to use any tips and time-savers regarding their physical self so they can pour their energy into ideas and communities.

EVLFs can appear to be quite lazy and relaxed at times, especially if nothing has caught their interest. They may push off projects or create new ones in order to forget about lost causes. However, they are open to criticism and feedback regarding their own identity and how they’ve chosen to spend their energy.

3L – Insecure Logic

EVLFs are one of the most skeptical types. They do not feel as though logic can apply to every situation. When others suggest over-arching logical premises, the EVLF may question or outright ridicule them.

They may also dig deep to find logical inconsistencies in order to “prove” that logic is insufficient. EVLFs tend to notice what is incorrect in a theory, rather than what is true.

They make great editors, as identifying the missing parts of a whole is where their focus lies. The weak area for this type is recognizing when their energy is going to waste due to faulty methodology. 

They can fall into deep anger and spite if they feel as though their ideas are being unfairly criticized. This can cause the EVLF to ignore logic altogether which can lead to unedited work and ideas.

EVLFs want to feel as though their energy and ideas are working in tandem to uncover new breakthroughs in the secrets of reality. This type tends to be the most spiritual out of all types, even if they consider themselves irreligious.

4F – Unbothered Physics

EVLFs generally don’t pay attention to their style and aesthetics. They may come up with quick and efficient ways of piecing together an acceptable style, but mostly care about how their charm and motivational skills are affecting others. If their own hygiene or aesthetic is negatively affecting their ability to lead others, they will quickly adjust it.

They may find odd or bizarre ways of expressing themselves physically, as their mind is more geared towards the intangible world. EVLFs wish to express their feelings as honestly as possible, so they will align their environment to be compatible with this open nature.

They dislike spending much time organizing their surroundings, so they will adopt whatever system works best for time-management. For this reason, they are open to suggestions and tips from those who focus on the physical world more than they do.