VLFE – The Pathfinder
VFLE – The Firestarter

Evolution Cycle: Utilizing chaos. Creating higher levels of personal fulfillment through complex and creative standards of operation.

Role: Hedonistic imperatives. Enjoying life by evolving and overcoming. Changing the systems that have come before them. Creating higher, more nuanced standards of affairs. Letting loose, and doing what it takes to win, achieve more, and have fun while doing so. Encouraging creativity on a global level.

ELFV – The Chronicler
EFLV – The Satirist

Process Logic & Physics: Trias prefer to process, discuss and partake in a journey through logic and physics. You will often hear them conversing in depth about precise details, logistics, coordination, and analytical accuracy.

Results Emotion & Volition: Trias prefer to conclude, quickly decide, and waste the least amount of time when it comes to emotion and volition. You will often hear or see them being flippant and prompt when it comes to their own desires for inspiration, motivation, teamwork, and diplomacy.

Cultural Significance: Trias can be found in the hustle and bustle of any culture. These types want to feel the strong energy that emerges from the contrast between work, play, and rest. For this reason, Trias make great achievers, social climbers, and entrepreneurs. All forms of energy or lack thereof are viewed as an opportunity to create new standards of living in all forms: career, leisure, competitive sport, etc. Creativity becomes the vessel for action. This sexta is integral to humanity because they challenge the status quo and push for creative ways of feeling fulfilled in life.

This sexta concentrates energy on fulfilling what is worth being passionate about by doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and express themselves authentically.

Trias freely communicate practical knowledge that will help them build the life they have decided for themselves. High standards of fulfillment drive types of this sexta to express their emotions and directly state what they want. Trias do not want a comfortable life for the sake of comfort itself and see possessions as aiding their emotional whims and desires.

Intellectual pursuits of this sexta usually relate to the advancement of their interests and personal direction as there is little time to dwell on the application of knowledge. Members of this sexta see comfort as relative to their ultimate goal of pursuing whatever is deemed constructive, and they will encourage others to overcome intellectual and financial obstacles that impede their goals.

Trias are attracted to entrepreneurship, acting, marketing, raw expression, cutting edge artisanship or anything that promotes the utilization of chaos through desire. Clearly stating how they feel and what they want out of life, these types have a single-minded attitude towards their personal view of success.

Discussion of health, investment, and education is highly valued by Trias. This sexta can harshly criticize what they see as staleness, fragility, or failure and require a direction to purposelessness. Their determination can lead to an insensitivity of how people feel about expending energy as this sexta is prone to overlooking personal comfort to gain emotional and volitional completion.

This sexta wants to create higher standards that push people to evolve, transform, and overcome – including themselves. If chaos breaks out, these types will utilize it in any way they can. It is as if these types fly high over the chaos, look back down at it, and figure out where the patterns lie. Trias, as a whole, fixate on achieving happiness with their goals by flexibly developing expertise and letting loose with no holds barred.