FVEL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in creating an atmosphere that is practical, comforting, and emotionally stable so they can flourish in their potential and resist disturbances. The FVEL appears to be protecting themselves from those who wish to disturb their environment by learning to collaborate and find strategic ways to set boundaries. They may come off as energetic, practical, ever-changing, dreamy, planning, inventive, decorative, sullen, melancholic, and emotionally closed off if someone crosses their boundaries. The FVEL seems to want control over their identity through seamlessly fulfilling their plans and being surrounded by what they deem pleasurable.

FVELs have the most insular 1F, and are overall the most insular type besides ELFVs in their relation to emotions. This type enjoys bathing in their own creative thoughts and innovations. They gain satisfaction in knowing they can watch their environment be brought to life through structuring and configuring all of the pieces involved. However, FVELs are extremely picky about what they find appealing. This type has no interest in choosing what is “in style” and instead will choose whatever they decide is fulfilling in the moment. They generally have no qualms moving to new locations or switching up their decisions in an instant. For this reason, they can come off “hard-headed” and refuse to remain still, even if urged by those around them to do so. FVELs truly desire to flourish and this usually leads them to develop a philosophy of constant movement early on in life. They recognize that flourishing, for them, means consistent renewal of the environment and its resources. FVELs can often thrive in the harshest of environments if forced to as they are consistently aware of how their surroundings could affect them negatively. For this reason, they often know the worst of what could happen and are rarely surprised.

FVELs have a novel-seeking relationship to the volition aspect. This type encourages themselves to stay moving in life and chasing after what they desire, no matter the cost – sometimes to their own detriment as they can spend money and energy way past their own means. They are often easily swayed to try the ideas of others and can run with full dedication before truly comprehending all the details involved. This does not deter the type, though, as they tend to be quite resilient in the face of challenges, particularly physical. FVELs are usually quiet about their plans but if prompted will precisely detail out the chronological order of plans. This, again, gives them a similarity to their conflicting type, ELFV. This type finds it easy to take charge in a situation and does not mind being thrown into a position of responsibility as long as the expectations are known beforehand. They can come off as visceral and instinctive due to their self confidence in this realm which can be surprising to others that initially view them as shy. FVELs believe that there are always opportunities to change and alter their lives and all manifestations of life are worth looking into.

FVELs have a paranoid and careful approach to the emotion aspect. There is some variety in behavior with the type as some FVELs will talk about their feelings, while others refuse to open up about what they are experiencing internally. However, the line that ties these two subtypes together is how cautious they are in vocalizing the details of what they truly feel. FVELs believe that being too open about their emotions will cause others to look at them as “the problem” or the source of drama. If they are more conflict averse, they can refuse to ever show contrary emotions. This type can feel an overwhelming sense of pressure building up inside of them when they suppress too much, which can lead them to escaping into fantasy worlds of their own. They may find comfort in creating elaborate stories in their minds, building full scenarios and relationships that they have never experienced or becoming entirely alien to their current understanding of who they are. FVELs that are more expressive may go through periods of time where they can handle the consequences of showing their emotional hand, but will then need reprieve and can disappear from the limelight for unexpected interludes of time. This type wants to feel safe when they have to emote and sometimes they believe this need can only be met through imagination.

FVELs have a linear approach to the logic aspect. They generally resist becoming overly concerned about the deeper meaning behind what is seen, but feel a strong pull towards those who can offer reasonable solutions, especially if feelings are involved. This type generally wants to understand what is true or false, black or white, right or wrong. They may dig into problems further than the average person because ambivalence annoys them and seems like a waste of their time. FVELs do not want to be bothered to engage in never-ending journeys through theories and logic. However, they do not like to be seen as unintelligent. It is not that FVELs are non-academic or completely turned off by philosophy – it is that this type needs to know which principles aid them in living their most ideal lifestyle. For this reason, FVELs (like all exi types) can become interested in the self-help arena. They may adopt new customs to try out a different way of being to see if it feels right to the FVEL. If the new way of life does not fit into their expectations then they quickly move on as this type does not dwell on the details of unfulfilling experiences. Overall, FVELs believe that logic is something they can meddle in as needed, as there is no pressure to fully dive into that realm if unnecessary.


FVELs trust themselves to move and occupy spaces as they see fit. They do not like to use too much force, as this can disrupt the willpower of others, but will command their peers or co-workers when it’s necessary for them to feel comfort in their surroundings. FVELs can feel a sense of pride and arrogance the more they shut themselves off from feedback, so the more they can familiarize themselves with criticism, the less likely they are to fall into the trap of insularity. This type knows which configuration in a room or practical space they find appealing but will often stop short of putting in the necessary force to change it. Taking command over their surroundings is a necessary evil that will improve their lives significantly.


FVELs become easily frustrated when trying to determine what brings them joy in life. They inherently know the feeling of enjoyment but do not trust themselves to openly follow their emotional whims. This can lead the FVEL to become trapped in routines and banality. The same old highs that used to give them pleasure can quickly fade into boredom which frustrates the FVEL. The best way to escape this entrapment is for this type to focus intently on their emotions no matter how much of a roller coaster ride it takes them on. Excitement, anger, happiness, anxiety, and all other emotions should be considered imperative to the human experience.


FVELs feel entitled to pay attention to details whenever they want to. They are not interested in wasting time on perfection as they would rather move on than be trapped in trying to be precise. This type is quick to decide the logistics needed to move forward in a situation, and want someone else to worry about the exact time, numbers, or data that lies underneath. This type often overlooks easy fixes that they could make to their schedules and daily routines due to feeling annoyed by precision. Spending a few extra minutes sorting through the numbers is what gives FVELs more depth and discernment in life while also opening up opportunities that they frequently miss.


FVELs spend entirely too much time thinking about their energy levels. This type is notorious for imagining all the ways they could change their lives and how much of an emotional toll it will take on them. They ruminate over road blocks to their future and how unsatisfied they might become, which can cause them to feel trapped in anxiety. The trick for this type to escape their emotional overwhelm is to force themselves to take action when they feel inspired. Rather than dismissing the fantasies that inhabit their mind, this type needs to act on them. The risk-avoidance slowly erodes away at their confidence, and eventually they shut down if they do not take practical action towards what inspired them to begin with.


FVELs often refuse to acknowledge who is or is not an expert. They will accept information from multiple sources without verifying its validity. This type is more concerned about how beautiful or ugly something is rather than analyzing the contents based on merit and logical value. However, FVELs do gather information as long as it personally interests them. This type can tend to become vaguely accepting of any logical “expert” advice which leaves them with a lack of clarity. In order for FVELs to gain a more clear perspective of who and what information to trust, they must connect the dots between numbers/figures and the action that they relate to. Once this clarity is gained, FVELs can sharpen their skills to point out useless or inaccurate info.


FVELs feel entirely insecure and inept when it comes to expressing who they are. They are shy and unwilling to open up the most vulnerable parts of the self to anyone but their partners. There is often a feeling of desperation when they must reveal personal details that they have not deemed safe prior to voicing them. It feels like a chore for FVELs to accurately communicate what is happening inside, and they often feel that it is too dark and disturbing for others to handle. However, the more comfortable they become with voicing these inner sentiments, the more they will recognize how to connect to people who struggle with the same issue. FVELs will unlock the skill of effective communication the more they dig into their own artistry and creative spirit.

Common FVEL Quirks

•Overspends / overdrafts bank accounts
•Quick to judge other’s style
•Fantasizes of other worlds / lives
•Points out impracticality easily
•Throws away belongings and starts over
•Fixer-upper, makes self useful
•Freezes if put on the spot
•Loves blankets, lots of fluff
•Needs to feel surrounded by beauty
•Hides their own darkness
•Strict about preferred bodily sensations
•Calls out unfeasible expectations
•Moves around constantly
•Chases after the next high
•Feels indebted to their partners
•Sensitive to other’s facial expressions
•Overly black-or-white with details
•Tends toward depression
•Judges ugliness harshly

Stereotypical Image

The FVEL has a strong but stoic image. They tend to appear well put together, with a focus on matching colors. When an outfit or style has an inconsistency or flaw, they quickly fix it to make it work for them. FVELs usually have a low tolerance for discomfort in style. They discard anything that is scractchy or prickly, and will only suffer through the pain for their profession or people they strongly care for. Otherwise, all ugly or uncomfortable clothing goes straight into the trash.

Archetype Variations

Tends towards introversion, shyness, depression, hidden artistic nature, fantasy

Moves frequently, likes travel, creativity, working with hands, arts and crafts

Likes show-biz, charming, can be addicted to relationships, prone to addiction

Cold, does not break character, productive, keeps others out, hides behind a strong image

Prone to addiction, needs instant gratification, follows id without thinking of consequences

Full Overview & Breakdown

Quotes by FVELs

“I’m always like ‘you do you’. Let people be how they want, and they should let me be how I want.”

-Amanda T. (Sur/Int 9w8 5w6 4w3)

“I think I want to find my “purpose”, and reach my highest potential. I want to experience happiness and realization, and live according to my true self/desires. I want to approach the world and people with open mindedness and understanding, so I can absorb the maximum amount of information. And I wish to offer people insight into those understandings, since I think searching for truth is a fundamental part of the human experience.”

-Rômulo S. (Int/Pur 5w4 2w1 9w8)