FLVE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in the value, worth, structure and potential power of the world that surrounds them. The FLVE appears to be protecting their right to exist wherever they desire by completely resisting any outside forces that try to manipulate or encroach on their space or personal decisions in any way. They may come off quiet, stoic, grounded, aggressive, indiscriminately blunt, immovable, shy, awkward, and even unapproachable – but will open up easily when given the chance to discuss topics related to logistics or intricate details. The FLVE seems to want control over their identity through fully theorizing and testing hypotheses of what holds the most worth or value in their lives.

FLVEs have one of the most aggressive approaches to the physics aspect compared to the other 1Fs. They tend to have a strong opinion of what they find beautiful, comforting, worthwhile, or valuable and if they want a product or item, they will absolutely get it. This type typically does not let others sway their opinion about how they handle their own bodily matters or aesthetic preferences, and conversely, often give out advice in this realm as if they have the superior answer. FLVEs espouse beliefs of full autonomy and heavily resist anyone that attempts to push them into using a different methodology than what they have come to believe is the ideal. They can take on tasks and projects entirely on their own without asking for any help as there is a strong focus on self-sufficiency. This type believes that it is their right to use objects as they desire and anyone who stops them from doing so will be dismissed.

FLVEs best tool for connecting to others is through their 2L. They are always willing to talk through details, data, theories, conjecture and what is true or false. This type tends to have an open and all-encompassing approach to how things work and are a part of the socially aware duo in the Ena sexta (along with EVLF). Although their opinions can cause a lot of discomfort in others, they are not necessarily trying to be divisive. FLVEs lay out their logical network of ideas in an honest way, free from doubt or fear of vulnerability. When this type realizes they are wrong, they usually have no issue with changing their opinions. They can tend to dive deeply into odd corners of reality and do not mind looking at taboo subjects to gain more insight and information. FLVEs believe that everyone has a unique perspective to bring to the table when it comes to communication, so they are willing to listen. They may not always talk incessantly but they easily recognize the effort it takes to keep someone sharing information.

FLVEs have the most viscerally responsive 3V. They often feel a deep sense of insecurity when it comes to imagining where their life may be headed. The freedom, yet unpredictability of where their choices may lead cause an existential insecurity within them that is unmatched, even by other 3V types. This fear can manifest in two ways with the FLVE, through hardening and constricting themselves while preparing to defend against who or what could control them, or lashing out and openly resisting and challenging those that try to affect their decisions and willpower. FLVEs seems to desire a safe place to explore how their choices can evolve their lives. They want to feel autonomy but also understand where their character fits in with the world. This type can become insurmountably resistant to anyone who offers even the slightest suggestion as to what they should do in their future, or nod their head in false approval until the person causing them discomfort leaves them alone. Regardless of this aggression, they can sometimes appear stoic and unmoved, as they are not emotionally volatile for more time than they believe is needed.

FLVEs have a deceptive 4E, as they can appear more invested in their emotions than they are. The combination of aggressive 1F and 3V can give them an angry, reactive emotional tone but the internal experience of the FLVE is a detached devaluing of what their emotions actually mean. FLVEs rarely introspect deeply about how they feel or relate to others, and prefer to listen to feedback regarding the impressions they give off. They can be persuaded by the strong emotions of those they are connected to, while shifting their own focus to value, sensation seeking, and theory-crafting as this is where they believe they personally shine. This type wants to know what others find deeply moving, emotional, or important to them but does not want to be coaxed into endlessly sharing their own emotions. For this reason, they can appear 3E at times but the true aversion is processing emotions rather than outright showing them as FLVEs are notorious for random bouts of expression. FLVEs believe that emotions are meant to inform them of their desired comforts within their environment, therefore it is important to quickly take heed of them and move on.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

FLVE Timothee Chalamet
FLVE Mitski
FLVE Cupcakke
FLVE Jodie Foster
FLVE David Firth
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