FLVEs are the craftiest Attitudinal Psyche type. They gather knowledge on practical skills in their lives and develop ways to maximally increase opportunities to expand their curiosities.

This type is attuned to the function of a room and how it can be organized to meet the physical needs of people. FLVEs spend time researching anything that captures their interest.

The bizarre opinions of others do not phase this type as they believe the hidden and unseen is interesting. They do not easily react with emotion and calmly observe the expressions of others.

Taking their responsibilities seriously, FLVEs want to incorporate goals that increase their incomes. At their most vulnerable, they tend to doubt their capabilities and prefer to collect more information about the best way to apply their efforts. It is difficult for FLVEs to follow through on ambitions because they are largely unaware of what makes them happy.

1F – Confident Physics

FLVEs feel capable of bringing useful possessions to any situation. They often have a plethora of confidence in knowing how to solve any physical situation in the real world.

Spending or saving, FLVEs can justify their investments logically and easily know exactly what they want to do with their money.

They spend time honing new practical skills that aid in their development as a person. It is common for this type to know a lot about cooking, finance or aesthetics as their confident attitude provides leads to quickly absorb information in these realms.

FLVEs will make anything themselves if it is less expensive or of higher quality than a purchased item. They also tend to disregard any belonging that does not have a logical use.

FLVEs are motivated to stay organized so it is easier to apply their willpower. They may sometimes fear that their indecision will somehow taint their ability to survive in the world, so they may hold onto things they find necessary for flourishing.

This type worries that taking on too many responsibilities will interfere with their lifestyle but so long as they’re happy with their current state of being, they don’t worry too much of the emotional toll.

2L – Flexible Logic

FLVEs have great patience with those who are skeptical of their beliefs. They discuss the practical merits of different schools of thought with anyone as this gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and insights.

FLVEs do not pressure themselves or others to conclude anything, even with sufficient evidence. They will learn subjects that lead to a more comfortable lifestyle or high emotional satisfaction.

FLVEs are motivated to collect information to achieve their goals in an easier way. They dislike exerting more willpower than needed, so their intellectual aims mitigate that. They may become increasingly anxious if they’re pushed to make decisions that they haven’t had a chance to consider all the details.

Changing their decisions frequently, FLVEs need plenty of time to carefully analyze the logical merits of a path. This type explores their beliefs to alleviate sudden emotional problems in order to find the most efficient way to sustain personal happiness.

3V – Insecure Volition

FLVEs are careful about their decisions. They are used to getting things done with reasoning skills and are not entirely sure when and how to apply their willpower.

This type handles large workloads by being prepared with any physical tools they need to efficiently complete the work. Sometimes this type relies on food and substances to motivate themselves towards a goal as they feel more in control of their bodies and physical surroundings.

FLVEs tend to make decisions after they have asked others how they would react in their shoes. They may also frame it as a hypothetical to understand any sort of logical nuance underneath the surface of a decision.

As they reject being told what to do, this type needs people who, without pressure, give them several options for action. This type may criticize the intentions of people while being unsure of their own intentions. At a later point, FLVEs realize their lack of motivation can stem from being unaware of their deep emotions.

4E – Unbothered Emotions

FLVEs are generally unmoved by their own emotions. They would rather listen to the unfiltered emotions of other people. This type easily knows whether an emotion someone expresses is enjoyable.

However, there may be a pitfall of the FLVE mistaking their emotions with physical sensations, needs, or desires. For this reason, they often try to solve their feelings through food, new possessions, and other comforts.

They sometimes show strong emotions when they have figured out how they feel, but this quickly fades as it isn’t seen as something overly important or longstanding to the FLVE.

FLVEs can talk about knowledge without particular focus on its entertainment value. This type is fine with blending in with the emotional atmosphere and take an interest in others who can grip their emotions through storytelling and drama.

When FLVEs realize their inner feelings and how they intersect with their physical lifestyle, they exert willpower towards their goals. They truly want to live a life of constant growth and expertise.