FVLE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in how to survive and integrate themselves through any situation that may arise. The FVLE appears to be protecting their right to control and remain in-tune with their aesthetic sensibilities while resisting those who may criticize or encroach on the detailed construct that they have created for themselves. They may come off bright, embodied, aware of their surroundings, sensual, relatable, unshakable, and even seductive given the right combination of other personality types. The FVLE seems to want control over their identity through adventure, movement, and giving value to the things they choose to surround themselves with.

FVLEs have a very comforting approach to the Physics aspect. This type does not act out as aggressively as other 1Fs, but they are most certainly confident when they do act. They may keep their plans of their environment under wraps until they can act, which gives them a more laid back appearance in their confident aspect. FVLEs put themselves together well and project out an image of ease when it comes to how they dress. They are more interested in the quality and usefulness of objects rather than how it reflects their personality. For this reason, they come off incredibly down to earth and pragmatic. FVLEs can appear to lack any sort of aversion to hard work, and often make the most mundane tasks seem interesting and fun. However, this type tends to ignore demands or opinions from others about their desires and they complete projects at their own pace. If they want something done, they generally believe they can do it themselves, but this does not stop them from reaching out to others for ideas, or attempting to inspire others to create projects in their own way.

FVLEs are one of the most obvious 2V types. They are encouraging, diplomatic, and can listen to anyone’s needs and provide them with feedback and support when necessary. This type has an ability to fill a room with energy just by offering help and ideas, so they often fill the role of the “needed person”. FVLEs have a tendency to rise above conflict and struggle and can focus on what they believe matters in a situation, which is the configuration and implementation of ideas. There is an aversion to pain and dramatics that the FVLE seems to employ no matter what sort of decision they come to. For this reason, It is rare to see them become openly offended as they can evade negative emotions easily or conversely transform the negative into positive when at healthier psychological levels. This type believes that their future is something that is malleable and the journey to get there should be enjoyed. Due to this, FVLEs often know how to have fun and make daunting tasks seem easy to those around them.

FVLEs tend to be one of the less obvious 3L types due to their positive or, at times, neutralizing nature. However, this does not mean that their attitude is any less insecure regarding logic, just that they are more avoidant and sensitive to overt displays of aggression in the logical realm. This type does not like to get details wrong or seem as if they are limited in any way by how things operate on a theoretical basis. They may refuse to discuss the specifics, or only chime in when they are absolutely certain that they know the right answer. No matter what, this type does not want to be put within firing range of someone who is looking to prove others wrong. Due to this sensitivity, they often refuse to share their opinion on logic or quickly dismiss those who expect them to explain themselves when they make a decision or complete a task a certain way. FVLEs believe that finding the correct answer in public is a dangerous game that should only be played when they feel comfortable to do so. They may spend a lot of their personal time learning formal logic to support their vulnerability or completely detach from it and focus on what they believe matters in life: integration of their surroundings.

FVLEs are one of the most even-keeled 4E types. They tend to be open and interested in all forms of emotions when they are not busy with other parts of their lives. This type can sometimes fool others into thinking they are more emotional than they truly are because of their unflappable, solid nature and willingness to easily relate to and help others. FVLEs can give off the impression of not having any needs or weaknesses through behaving in a neutral, chill, fully embodied way. This can send out a false signal where this type appears to be in tune with their emotions, but contrary to this perception, they are completely unbothered and sometimes ignorant of what is happening internally. This type can look to others to solve emotional problems for them and may be at risk of being fed a false reality if they are not careful. FVLEs believe that their own emotions are way less useful than the notions of others, which can lead to a self-neglect over time. It benefits FVLEs greatly to take time to check in with how they feel about people so they do not become trapped in undesirable dynamics.


FVLEs see themselves as practical and knowledgable about the skills required to live well and move around in the world. They put too much expectation on the self to solve issues and get their needs met which keeps them from commanding or mobilizing others to help. FVLEs will over-exert themselves if they do not give at least some of their practical tasks to others for helping out. The issue is that this type does not like criticism or negative feedback when it comes to their physical spaces and needs, as they want to be the person in charge of this realm of life. This type needs to find a sense of stability within themselves and slow down the constant change of scenery. They must take responsibility over the ultimate end goal and resist the urge to run or start over in a new location when others get in the way.


FVLEs become frustrated when plans do not materialize in the way that they needed them to. This type feels bogged down by the details of the physical world and can become obsessed with making sure they have the right answer when needed. This frustration can lead to the FVLE giving up and starting over on something else, which is a common issue that plagues this type throughout their lives. FVLEs need to think more in “exacts”. What are the exact amounts of pleasure they need? What are the exact numbers of calories they need in a day? How much time is needed to travel to work each week? These questions are great starters to force the FVLE to learn about how their needs can be quantified and then organized. This type needs to have the courage to be wrong, so they can fix the issue and move forward with a precise understanding of their inner necessities.


FVLEs want quick answers on how to find enjoyment. They may plan a variety of events in their short-term future and enjoy none of them in the way they thought they would. The issue is that this type rarely thinks about what makes them feel excitement. The focus is so intently placed on what is enjoyable to the body that the emotions attached to the enjoyments are either forgotten about or given little attention or value. FVLEs may find themselves feeling empty, lost, or unfulfilled which leads to the typical nature of this type to run away, or constantly move. They must focus carefully on what fills them with emotions. What is it that stokes some sort of thrill, or enthusiasm within them? The more the FVLE can understand this part of their psyche, the more discernment they gain into what, and more importantly, who is worth their time.


FVLEs obsess over feeling a sense of knowing or expertise in whatever interests them. They struggle to understand how to prove to others that they know what they’re talking about. This type holds back due to worrying about coming off as uneducated or stupid, but still finds themselves digging into the unknown. They are inherently curious about intellectual topics and desire safe spaces to explore them even further. FVLEs need to learn and practice how to effectively communicate the ideas and wisdom that they have collected. Sometimes the things we say are unhelpful and potentially useless to others but there is no opportunity to learn how to improve if we cannot let ourselves make these mistakes. FVLEs must start to uncover the map of ideas that run their actions. Feeling the anxiety of being wrong or inferior is the first step to improvement.


FVLEs rarely notice when they have become motivational to others. They care more about giving accurate advice rather than tracking if others do what they suggest. Although they can be extremely romantic and caring, they do not recognize when their own emotions have been impacted by others. This type benefits greatly by recognizing how their own emotions inspire them. The hidden pride of FVLEs is that they can always be useful to others so there is no need to worry about anything beyond practicality. FVLEs need to realize that they have power in being able to inspire. It takes a lot of energy to invest in the emotional state of others, so getting to the bottom of why it matters to their own emotional wellbeing will give clarity to future decisions.


FVLEs struggle to communicate how they think and why it matters to others. They will shut down and refuse to go in depth about their thoughts and whims which makes them appear gritty. Effective communication is difficult to initiate, which means they often go years without accurately expressing their opinions. The fix for this type to resist the inner turmoil around communication, is to express their creativity. Find others who appreciate who they are and explore the emotions that are often ignored. FVLEs need to recognize that their artistic side can be utilized for communication and they are never trapped in being wrong, stupid, or uneducated. An entire career or new important adventure can be based on a real emotion or creative whim that comes into their awareness, so taking it seriously is a must.

Common FVLE Quirks

•Notices the most practical path
•Does not take themselves seriously
•Shares details of new purchases
•Teeters between goofy and seductive
•Needs a positive future
•Engages in “retail therapy” often
•Helps others without being asked
•Does not embarrass easily
•Bluntly states their emotions
•Organizes spaces in free time
•Makes situations feel light-hearted
•Friendly / jolly in public
•Hides their interest in intellectualism
•Likes wordplay and puns
•Sensitive to being seen as wrong
•Teaches others about the body / diet
•Plans out activities (for self and groups)
•Unbothered by emotional volatility
•Travels and moves often
•Uplifts those they care about

Stereotypical Image

FVLEs often look friendly, seductive, or warm depending on the vibe that they are currently into (or relationship status). They have a strong need for adventure and fun, which comes out in the way they dress. You will often see them with bags, back-packs, extra pockets, and satchels. This type keeps everything they need within their reach. FVLEs want to be seen as attractive, without losing the image of a practical person. They might be extremely in shape or show off their knowledge for food, spaces, style, and ability to spot needs (of themselves and others). FVLEs will forego comfort temporarily if they want to appear attractive to others but ultimately they crave the feeling of flourishment.

Archetype Variations

Creates moods, romantic, seductive, helpful, enjoys novelty, focuses on the partner

Constant movement, needs experiences, into new culture/food, can be tour guides

Has a stable home, shares their practical knowledge, grounded, sensible, loving

Has a message to transmit, helpful, puts feelings in the craft, focuses on money and building a career

Makes crafts and spaces, learns how to be self-reliable, guides others on how to build, learns many trades