FVLE is the Attitudinal Psyche type most prepared to survive in tough situations. They easily adapt to responsibilities that are expected of them while maintaining stable emotions. However, this type has no issue negotiating their willpower in order to quickly take what they want from the environment.

FVLEs have a keen sense of the use of their surroundings. They are always confident in organizing the physical world around them. They may appear lazy, as they can be slow to accomplish their responsibilities.

They feel as though being open to alternate life paths could lead them to even better ventures and possibilities. The exception is when there is money to be made, as they easily conform their willpower to gain profit and experience by helping others.

FVLEs prefer to use their energy and brain power to build profitable and emotionally satisfying results. They have no problem listening and helping others with their goals, regardless of how contradictory or complex they may be. However, this type is deeply skeptical of others who aggressively assert their personal conclusions. They want to feel comfortable asking questions as to why someone believes a certain thing or idea.

FVLEs do not take offense to disagreements easily despite their questioning nature, as their emotions are generally quick to come and go without a second thought.

1F – Confident Physics

FVLEs have strong opinions about what to do with resources. They are willing to work hard for financial gain and are skilled at adapting to new environments. They may take on work that suits their preferred lifestyle, but are constantly digging to find out what else they can create.

This type involves themselves with responsibilities that allow them to enjoy the comforts afforded by their income. They have no problem mingling in order to fulfill their destiny and inner desires.

It is common for FVLEs to change their appearance without consulting anyone. They are comfortable altering physical appearances when they no longer serve an aesthetic preference.

This type is intellectually curious about matters of the physical world. FVLEs often wonder how their possessions work and all of the hidden secrets and undiscovered methods that may create a more interesting life. They are used to easily motivating themselves to get what they want from the environment instead of investigating faster ways of acquiring it.

This type will question the way the physical world works once they become comfortable in the environment they’ve created for themselves. FVLEs often indulge their physical needs to solve unaddressed emotions.

2V – Flexible Volition

FVLEs enjoy going over the options of any decision. They easily inquire other people’s ideas of what to do.

This type tolerates laziness in themselves and others even when it delays a goal. They believe that everyone has great potential, they just need space to realize it.

FVLEs see personal improvement as more important than accomplishment. They wish for themselves and others to enjoy the journey of life, even if it means venturing into the taboo.

This type appears scattered in their ambitions despite easily motivating themselves for whatever varied interests they currently have. They are often drawn to hobbies that enhance their practical skills.

FVLEs are indecisive when they struggle to understand a problem. To make up for this insecurity involving their own intellect, they spend time enhancing their willpower and ability to pull themselves out of trouble. A theoretical puzzle is often treated as any other obstacle to overcome.

FVLEs accumulate wisdom about their beliefs and emotional states from their constant negotiations with people. Every new interaction is seen as a chance to learn about the nature of reality.

This type explores various ambitions and discovers what moves their emotions, quickly taking note and applying the lesson.

3L – Insecure Logic

FVLEs are fascinated with the structure of reality. At the same time, not knowing how to explain the world gives them intense anxiety. They may internally question why someone holds certain opinions but will only voice these when comfortable.

This type worries that not spending enough time on gaining knowledge will impede getting what they want from the environment. They often have to examine theories and ideas numerous times before feeling confident enough to accept it.

FVLEs are not sure of their own intelligence but are even more skeptical of others’ intelligence. They can spend hours searching for errors in logic, especially when it affects their own health, environment or goals. FVLEs may wait long periods of time to come up with an opinion about an idea put forth. When they are ready to dissect someone’s argument, they do so calmly but without regard for emotions.

On the rare occasion the FVLE strives to change their emotional state, they readily explore the logical reasons for doing so. FVLEs do not spend much time in their emotional imaginations, but they have a constant curiosity about the meaning of life. So long as there is something to discover, they will remain fascinated by it.

4E – Unbothered Emotion

FVLEs have simple emotional demands. They are usually not interested in expressing their emotions because they are busy applying themselves in the world to gain a profit. When they do have an important emotion, they quickly decide what the correct way to convey it is and move on.

Often times, they look to others to figure out the appropriateness. This type pays attention to bold emotional displays. The positive and negative feelings of others are of great interest to FVLEs, as this informs them of what they may find emotionally important to themselves. They appreciate other people who can identify when they look sad, happy, or angry, so they can decide what to do with the emotion.

Otherwise, FVLEs are apathetic to their emotional world and will try to improve it through upgrading possessions and their appearance. This type moves on quickly after an emotional epiphany. Each new lesson brings a new period of wonder that the FVLE must prepare for.

The FVLE is not bothered by those who willfully inspire them to form personal values, as long as it improves their own enjoyment of what life has to offer.