VLEF – The Inquisitor
VELF – The Harbinger

Evolution Cycle: Unraveling chaos. Transmuting information from the past into high-level useful and novel ideas (In search of a modern day “Philosopher’s Stone”).

Role: Diving into the history of the world. Looking at timelines and the past to understand the present. Finding hidden nuggets of wisdom in every day objects and ideas. Philosophizing over the “truth and why it matters”. Fully assessing one’s surroundings and its worth, use or ideological value.

FLEV – The Alchemist
FELV – The Moodmaker

Process Emotion & Logic: Pentes prefer to process, discuss and partake in a journey through emotion and logic. You will often hear them conversing in depth about education, artistry, vocalization, communication and ideology.

Results Physics & Volition: Pentes prefer to conclude, quickly decide, and waste the least amount of time when it comes to physics and volition. You will often hear or see them being flippant and prompt when it comes to their own desires for configurations, organization of the environment, composition, commands, and survival skills.

Cultural Significance: Pentes can be found in the scholarly and artistic underbelly of any culture. These types want to experience the past through the present by applying sacred knowledge to what’s currently happening in society. Patterns are a common theme in this sexta and they will come to life through the uncovering of paradigms even if it has to be done so vicariously. All communication is subject to rigorous observation. This sexta is integral to humanity because they bring meaning to the present and future through unravelling what has already happened.

This sexta seeks completion of goals, and desired comforts. Pentes explore their imaginations to play with data and emotional moods. They adjust their expressions and logical musings to the themes or expectations of a room or relative group, regardless of how positive or negative it is. These types want to assess their surroundings to understand why it matters, often comparing the present to the past.

This sexta dives into the nuanced meanings of the world. They avoid judging people about their interests, but are usually willing to sort out the details within those interests. Pentes believe that this open-mindedness helps them to gather ideas for their own personal goals, however, this does not mean they want others input on it.

Truth is seen as relative to Pentes, and they will update their habits and lifestyle according to new information. Matters of physical desire and life direction are handled decisively. Pentes often dislike strongly expressed emotions that are directly counter to the mood, or point of the communication they have engaged in. The aesthetic preferences of Pentes are as stable as their identities, so they very gradually implement changes to style without discussing it with others.

Pentes are usually involved in the arts, politics, history, religion (or the occult), theoretical sciences or any field allowing them to interact with imagination and sociology. This sexta thrives in environments with a clear path of advancement that comes with increasing material rewards.

Members of this sexta encourage others to progress intellectually and process their feelings aloud, either through serious discussion or agreed upon satire. Pentes often have lengthy conversations about knowledge, feelings, and opinions of everyone involved in a situation. Material incentives appeal to Pentes, and they will pursue them readily even at the loss of other incentives, making them look rather hedonistic at times.

This sexta rejects impractical laziness, and believe people should not reap the rewards of an endeavor if they did not put in as much effort as they could have. The competitive nature of Pentes can be perceived as selfish to those who prefer to share the wealth or discuss out how it could be used in various ways.

Some members of this sexta constantly move towards personal goals while neglecting their bodies, while others  pursue comforts at the cost of forming ambitions. Pentes want their efforts to be profitable by adjusting their intellectual interests and passions. Chaos typically does not worry this sexta, because they are trying to unravel it and understand what causes chaos in the first place. So long as they can understand the chaos, they will gladly incorporate it into their lives.