EFVL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in making use out of their environment through artistic expression, utilization of objects, and evolving the plain into something visible and personally significant. The EFVL appears to be protecting their unique or artistic view of the world by resisting those who threaten their right to make whatever decision they desire. They may come off as artistic, sensual, entertaining, poetic, competitive, resistant to limitation, narrative, and creative. The EFVL seems to want control over their identity by sharing their inner impulses and emotions with others through the numerous ways they can physically manifest.

EFVLs are the most emotive type in Attitudinal Psyche, perhaps only rivaled by “The Dramatist” (ELVF). EFVLs tend to say or express whatever emotion bubbles up into their conscious awareness. They do not hold back in confidently proclaiming that they are entitled to feel however they please. This attitude can manifest itself through art, acting, and creativity. The EFVL rarely follows rules when engaging in the creative process, as this type believes every emotion and object can come together to represent something else. All metaphorical examples have value to the EFVL regardless of how “correct” they may be. This type tends to follow and defend their creative whims without letting their guard down or enabling others to influence them.

EFVLs have the most stereotypical 2F. This type is named “The Adorner” due to the overwhelming openness and flexibility in discussing, learning about, helping with, and trying out all things within the physical realm. The EFVL is notorious for recognizing their surroundings and engaging in dialogue with others about what they have noticed. The EFVL uses their fearlessness about the physical world to send their message or creative concept to those who are willing to listen. Some EFVLs are self-aware of their need for an audience and attention, while others may become wrapped up in insecurity once the public microscope is turned towards them, however, this type is always willing to remain physically present regardless of their inner turmoil.

EFVLs have an extremely aggressive and potentially explosive 3V. This type does not like to be criticized for their lacking qualities. EFVLs tends to spend a lot of time fighting their own demons regarding self doubt and lack of willpower. They will often defend themselves from criticism by becoming emotionally threatening and superior, letting others know that they are willing to fight or argue if pushed. This type can sometimes overwork themselves due to the fear of either not being enough or powerless. EFVLs can also feel a deep sense of sadness when faced with the reality of who they believe they are. They may wonder if the decisions they have made were the correct ones, which can ironically fuel the EFVL into more creative projects that draw people into the intrigue of this type.

EFVLs have a very flippant and quick to decide 4L. This type wants answers about what is correct or incorrect so they do not have to waste time that would be better spent on their creative and emotional endeavors. The EFVL is willing to leave speculation of systems and rules up to those who seem better suited to deal with this realm. At times, EFVLs know they must turn to logic to understand a concept, which can lead to them demanding a list of succinct possibilities so the decision can be quick. Overall, the EFVL is much more in favor of viewing the world as a colorful playground of identity, sensual pleasures, and emotional fantasy rather than a strict structure of truths. This type knows and respects that others are more interested in logic than they are, but does not hesitate reaching out for that information when necessary.

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EFVL Billie Eilish
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