VLEF is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in gathering information that supports the belief system of who they believe they are and what direction they have chosen. The VLEF appears to be protecting themselves and others from being emotionally intimidated or thrown off from the path they have decided to follow. They may come off as intellectual, professorial, curious, determined, demanding, accomplished, skeptical, argumentative, shut off, questioning, and sometimes artistic if it supports the goal they have in mind. The VLEF seems to want control over their identity through continuous inquiries and investigations of their choosing while resisting any emotional attack or violation of their sensitivities.

VLEFs have a direct and pointed approach to the volition aspect often accompanied by an academic or intellectual angle. They tend to know exactly what they desire for their future and believe all decisions they make are final as they have the last word. This type wants to keep their future plans to themselves, often refusing to divulge the path that they are on until they feel apt to do so. Personal power is seen as sacred and close to the heart for the VLEF, so letting another person potentially sway their desired outcome is forbidden. Although VLEFs are not keen on letting others in on their own future, they are strong narrators of the past, often advising others on how they should solve their own problems with fierce confidence as they relate each situation happening in the present to how they solved it in the past. For this reason, VLEFs may come off as bossy, overbearing, and preachy regarding self-improvement related topics which can confuse those who are unfamiliar with this type as being the 1L attitude. Overall, VLEFs believe that they have control over their own personhood and how it will evolve, which gives them an unstoppable spirit no matter the roadblocks.

VLEFs have an unusual approach to the logic aspect compared to the stereotype which can manifest in a few ways. The first and most obvious archetype of this type’s 2L is of the professorial or intellectual variety. This type will often spend hours relaying information or logical principles to others, demonstrating all the knowledge they have gained while encouraging the other person to share their own opinions as well. However, VLEFs may quickly switch to a more aggressive approach as soon as they believe a certain logical principle supports an ideal future option. This is where the type may appear more stubborn about logic than they are, as the expertise they desire can leak into the volitional realm. The other common manifestation of their 2L is the dreamer, or sensual variety. For this type of VLEF, they use logic as a means to draw others into their world. All exchanges of information are accepted and transformed into intrigue, fascination, and an opportunity for all parties involved to expand. VLEFs tend to have a hidden artistry and penchant for beauty that will only outwardly manifest in the more emotionally courageous version of the type. One will see often see geometry or math used as a vehicle for metaphors, analogies, and symbols.

VLEFs have a deeply vulnerable relationship to the emotion aspect. This type feels a violent sense of chaos when it comes to their emotional thoughts and feelings. For this reason, they often protect this part of their inner world as much as they can, while warning others of the pitfalls one can fall into when swept away in their emotions. VLEFs often suppress their emotions which can have many different consequences. They may develop a sad overlay to their personality, holding in all of their emotional trauma and past pain, wishing to find a philosophical or logical answer of how to “solve” these traumas. This can result in a vibrant artistic career or hobby that may surprise others who know the VLEF well. They may also become angry, argumentative, disagreeable, and flat out cruel to anyone who challenges their character. This type of VLEF can adopt an “attack first” type of attitude to pre-meditate highly unruly and emotionally rambunctious people. They dislike feeling as though their own emotional insecurity could be brought up against them without warning and may wave the finger and shame others who are being inappropriate. If others notice the VLEF’s emotions, they can become even more hostile and dismissive towards any assumptions made about their sensitivities. Overall, the VLEF wants to stop their emotionally negative disposition from activating their fears and vulnerabilities.

VLEFs have a rather straightforward approach to the physics aspect. Like all types in the pente sexta, VLEFs can feel a combination of their first and fourth attitudes pushing them to make conclusive decisions in their lives. They may become overly interested in the physical realm and all of the sensations that emerge in the body when tinkering with objects and materials. However, this does not mean that this type has long-lasting strong opinions about the physical world. Conversely, the VLEF is open minded and curious to understand how their own body works when the topic is brought up. They may be able to completely ignore any pain, annoyances, or inconvenience that their surroundings cause them. For this reason, this type can push through almost any sort of tough situation while retaining the mental observations that they made of their experience. VLEFs also become fascinated by shapes, patterns, movements, tessellations, and other geometric occurrences around them. They are often inclined to philosophize over the beauty or meaning of order in the world, taking ideas from the past and fitting them into the present understandings of reality.

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