VFLE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in getting what they desire and exceeding theoretical limitations no matter what must be sacrificed. The VFLE appears to be protecting themselves from naysayers by forcefully implementing their own ideas and desires through hard work, determination, and continuous examination of the environment. They may come off as fiery, opinionated, forceful, determined, on-the-go, leaderlike, incessant, dismissive, and at times childlike given their lack of incentive to stop doing what they have already decided to do. The VFLE seems to want control over their identity through instantly focusing on how they can break limitation, overcome incapability, or resist mediocrity regardless of the non-stop effort it may require.

VFLEs have the most self-propelled 1V of all types. This type believes they can make anything happen that they desire and will quickly move to create an environment that supports this belief. VFLEs rarely discuss their future plans with others unless they are placed in the spotlight where this information is imperative to the job or career. Although this type can be rather forthright and direct, they can masquerade their aggression with jokes and goofiness. They may take their goal seeking nature to the extreme and refuse to relinquish command over any part of their lives. VFLEs tend to express themselves viscerally, regardless of how little importance they place on their underlying emotional world and for this reason they can often be confused for 1E if the perception of the aspect is not examined thoroughly.

VFLEs tend to have a talkative and open relationship to the physics aspect. This type wants to get its hands dirty in the details of the physical realm: comparing textures, tastes, sounds, and effects of objects on the body. They come to life when the physical world is being discussed and will often get entangled in drawn out conversations about how one can foster or manipulate their environment. VFLEs believe they can utilize others in reaching their goals. They tend to be direct about the objectives they are attempting to meet and will involve others in the details and hard work that must be put into the task at hand. This type notices when their surroundings change and are the most likely type to mention it in conversation. You may often find VFLEs advising others of how to take command over their desires and use resources to accomplish this notion.

VFLEs have a strong resistance to limitations placed on them in the logical realm. This type is the most likely to disregard rules that are deemed pointless or unnecessary, while also challenging the logical insinuations of others. This type can become fiercely confronting if they believe others are subtly taking advantage of them as they can get lost in their convictions. Although VFLEs are like bulls in a china shop, they are aware that self-doubt regarding their intellect can stop them in their tracks. This creates a double bind where they quickly move towards a desired goal, then over-analyze all of the resulting situations that arise from their hasty decision making. The aggressive approach that this type takes with becoming empire building ladder-climbers is often a protective response to make sure they are not disempowered or made inferior through lack of logical prowess.

VFLEs have a flippant and surprisingly vibrant 4E. This type tends to downplay their own emotional reactions, yet is unafraid of expressing themselves when needed (which may be often). They tend to look for quick emotional feedback from others to validate that their goals are worthwhile. VFLEs can become fierce, aggressive, confrontational, and problematic without realizing that these expressions are often a result of inner emotional turmoil. On the positive side, this type can manifest as jolly, goofy, fun, and merry, yet the VFLE will still not take these impressions seriously. This type is the true emotionally unaware person when it comes to their own internal states, so they benefit greatly with self-reflection or someone who can give them pinpoint accurate feedback about the meaning of their own emotions and why it is important to consider all facets of this information internally.

Officially Typed Notable People

VFLE Azealia Banks
VFLE Roseanne Barr
VFLE Barry Keoghan
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