VFEL – The Arbiter
VEFL – The Orchestrator

Evolution Cycle: Calming chaos. Enriching the collective to become the best version of themselves through fine-tuning their standards and developing the self.

Role: Studying one’s own inner world. Creating depth in human affairs. Imagining utopia and how to negate the unseen issues that may arise. Calming the noise and distractions that plague humanity. Generating in-roads to causes and ideas to unite communities. “All roads lead to Rome”.

LFEV – The Connoisseur
LEFV – The Daydreamer

Process Emotion & Physics: Tesseras prefer to process, discuss and partake in a journey through emotion and physics. You will often hear them conversing in depth about excitement, pleasure, enjoyment, and entertainment.

Results Volition & Logic: Tesseras prefer to conclude, quickly decide, and waste the least amount of time when it comes to volition and logic. You will often hear or see them being flippant and prompt when it comes to their own desires for action plans, schemes, expert opinions, and agendas.

Cultural Significance: Tesseras can be found in the dense, rich and immersive parts of any culture. These types want to understand expectations and feel a sense of “rightness” within them. All efforts are seen as an opportunity to enrich what we already have and find the value in what already exists in our awareness. This sexta traverses within the self to recognize what matters to their own happiness, then expands these ideas into their surrounding environment. This sexta is integral to humanity because they uphold and refine standards to push their culture forward by resisting outside influence.

This sexta uncovers truths that allow them to set stable personal goals and standards of excellence. Tesseras adjust their expressions to support their beliefs and develop a cultural ideal. Adherence to rules and idealistic decrees through consistent action drive types of this sexta to quickly conclude the truth and take on responsibility.

Tesseras tend to reject greed or waste and value belongings that help them achieve their high standards. They enjoy feeling and processing a breadth of emotions while resisting putting too much value into a singular emotion. This sexta prefers to understand the emotional nuances of others. Dramatic expressions that do not offer discussion are discouraged, as these types wishes to constantly improve towards an idealistic vision.

Tesseras value variety in style and the feelings this variety evokes, respecting the individual quirks of how everyone processes aesthetics. Members of this sexta see the physical world as relative to the direction they desire for their lives. For this reason, Tesseras usually dress or present themselves as how it fits into the situation.

Tesseras tend to excel when involved in law enforcement, implementation of hierarchies, science, preservation of art, philanthropy or anything that requires reliable operation. This sexta has an appreciation for environments that have clear rules and a merit-based path of progression.

Influencing others to overcome their obstacles to engage in the journey of life, health and comfort is highly important to this sexta. Tesseras value discussion regarding tastes, deep desires, and health – they desire for it to be an uncharted voyage. Members of this sexta disapprove of indecision and usually believe people must act quickly on new information.

The Tessera’s pressure to conclusively act can be perceived as overbearing to those who take time to compare their beliefs and responsibilities with others. However, this sexta is only trying to calm chaos through creating and maintaining depth, so the urging is not without cause.

Some members of this sexta are absorbed in intellectual endeavors and do not often form strict goals, while other members take charge of situations without reviewing the logical basis of doing so. Tesseras want their conclusions to be actionable by adjusting their moods and bodily needs.