LVFE – The Conductor
LFVE – The Consultant

Evolution Cycle: Organizing chaos. Engaging in endeavors that fulfill needs by promoting organization and clear-headedness.

Role: Interacting with the environment. Organizing information into systems and routines. Discovering the beauty of what is here in the moment through strong, vibrant emotion. Viewing life as a series of lessons that can be pulled from a bookshelf as needed. Managing chaos by systematizing information and enforcing efficient task-work.

EVFL – The Enthusiast
EFVL – The Adorner

Process Physics & Volition: Dios prefer to process, discuss and partake in a journey through physics and volition. You will often hear them conversing in depth about configurations, organization of the environment, composition, commands, and survival skills.

Results Emotion & Logic: Dios prefer to conclude, quickly decide, and waste the least amount of time when it comes to emotion and logic. You will often hear or see them being flippant and prompt when it comes to deciding their own desires for education, artistry, vocalization, communication and ideology.

Cultural Significance: Dios are usually found in the most technically active parts of any culture. This sexta is extremely hands on and needs to see the raw physical quality and potential of all things. For this reason, Dios are tinkerers. They love to try things out to see if there is any educational or artistic value that can be attained from it. Chaos is something that these types seek out, as it must be fixed or organized into an opportunity. This sexta is integral to humanity because they decide what becomes acceptable to integrate into society: be it for entertainment, education, or practical solutions.

Dios are focused on openly expressing how they view the world – which is through the lens of order and disorder. They communicate with others about goals and lifestyle habits in an effort to consolidate a holistic philosophy on how to achieve happiness. With limited time to understand existence and to find emotional fulfillment, they naturally focus on building clarity regarding their opinions of how the world works.

Dios gravitate towards journeying through the active aspects of life like: cuisine, entertainment, sports, professional development, and anything that requires high energy. They discuss the demands of the ever changing material world as it relates to their happiness.

Making sense of the chaos that surrounds survival, they continuously assess the risk factors in the environment that could threaten their well-being. Many members of this sexta enjoy creating advanced “how-to” guides that encompass the realm of their interests.

Dios refine the basic principles of organization more than any other sexta. Noticing trends and patterns in their living spaces lends them to freely give and ask for advice in the physical arena. This sexta tends to describe and discuss any slight changes in eating habits, motivation, and aesthetics in hopes of giving themselves and others a better life. They discuss physical needs in hopes of finding an ideal way of taking care of themselves and producing the right mix of excitement and idealism.

This sexta usually seeks building an atmosphere that supports flexibility regarding willpower as they believe this helps individuals attain ideal emotional states. Diets, exercise routines, and lifestyles are validated as long as they are not deemed illogical or too rigid in approach. Dios appreciate talking about health, finances, entrepreneurial ventures, and beauty – especially if those involved have strong opinions, as they do not run from intense disagreements.

Dios can be quite politically concerned. They can gravitate to spaces where opinions are highly encouraged, and flippantly share their own opinion on matters. For this reason, the communication style of the Dios can be perceived as quite forward, loud, or willing to dissent from what is expected.