EFLV is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in sharing the hidden details of the world through encoded language, complex concepts, irony, comedy, and anything along the lines of satire. The EFLV appears to be protecting their need to be intrigued and mentally stimulated by expanding the ways that one can look at the world while resisting skepticism. They may come off as funny, joyful, ironic, comedic, goofy, satirical, entertaining, biting, sarcastic, intrigued, mentally stimulating, skeptical, and at times derisive if they feel targeted. The EFLV seems to want control over their identity through exploring the depths and logical details of the physical world and how it can validate their emotional needs and desires.

EFLVs have the strangest mix of attitudes of all types in AP. Each attitude of this type is the most unique in comparison to the other five types that share that attitude. The 1E of the EFLV is the most hidden; often under layers of irony, wit, sarcasm, skepticism, and shallow intrigue. This type mainly shows their confidence in emotion through being able to excite themselves and others to be interested in what the world has to offer. They often believe they must entertain themselves and others in order to keep control over the emotional realm. EFLVs may adopt a character to play in an attempt to fragment or compartmentalize the emotional expression between themselves and others. This character can display a range of emotional traits from joyful, fun, and excitable to biting, sarcastic, and downright aggressive. This purposeful colorful arrangement of sentiments keeps the EFLV feeling empowered and further provides them with emotional options to retain a sense of internal security. This type may express themselves in odd ways and refuse to alter the behavior regardless of who is watching, reacting, or showing disapproval. They believe they hold power through controlling any impressions they give off – negative or positive.

EFLVs have the most hands-on approach to the physics aspect of any type. This type can turn any incidence of the physical world happening around them into a full conversation filled with details, possibilities, pleasures, excitement, and intrigue. They may use this opportunity to become satirical and comedic, or they can become intrigued themselves and fully immerse in the physical experience. EFLVs want to discuss the use of everyday materials and how they can alter one’s perception of reality. For this reason, like their sister type ELFV, they can be artistic and philosophical. This type wants to discuss the physical realm rather than use it for personal comforts. If we had to choose one word to sum up the EFLV, it would be “movement”. This type can find it hard to stop moving, often giving away their free time to join others in exploration, musings, and meddling in places where they may find trouble. EFLVs want to share their knowledge of the physical world with others, whether practical or not.

EFLVs have the most concealed aggression within the third attitude of all types. This type will often pretend to be stupid or ignorant just to see how others will react, only to re-enact and reflect on the story later on with friends. They often believe that they must have definitive proof in the logical realm in order to present their opinion. There is a focus on long term security within logic that EFLVs have, which empowers them to remain calm in situations where they may be incorrect, wrong, or unaware of the facts. If they are caught in an inconsistency, they may turn it into a joke, or turn on a character that they know will shift the focus into the physical or emotional realms. This may facilitate the EFLV to develop an entire satirical act every time they become interested in logic. Internally, the EFLV feels fearful and insecure about how much they truly know or comprehend. This fear can become so rattling, that they can refuse to bring up logic under any condition unless it is after the fact and they can release their pent up aggression or rage. They can attempt to cut anyone off that asserts knowledge by insinuating that the topic is weird, abnormal, stupid or socially unacceptable. If this strategy fails, they can lie in wait for others to give their opinions first, so there is no possibility of being attacked without a strategy in mind. Frequently, the EFLV will play it cool in response to those they consider logically forceful.

EFLVs have the most light-hearted and willing approach to the 4V aspect. This type is so movement oriented, that one may find it hard to believe that they truly are 4V. However, the attitude of this type is what compels them to feel that movement is just part of life, and one should not worry so much about where it leads to unless it is necessary. Comfort is often seen as relative, so their comfort zone is much more broad than most people’s. The EFLV is child-like about their future, believing that it will work itself out as long as they have access to make a decision when the time comes. Their lively, and at times, goofy nature gives them an ability to listen to those who may be more demanding and arduous. The EFLV rarely takes offense to being given unsolicited advice, as long as the advice does not set off alarm-bells of potential ignorance in the logical realm. Like their sister type ELFV, the EFLV can become task-oriented and choose one long term method that works for reaching a goal or conclusion. This may make them appear hard-working, energetic, and lively – like all Tria types.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

EFLV Jack Harlow
EFLV Miley Cyrus
EFLV Amelia Dimoldenberg
EFLV Stephen King
EFLV Aaron Paul
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