The Harbinger

VELF is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in learning about the details and dynamics between people and situations to get what they desire. The VELF appears to be protecting themselves from untrue assumptions that could throw their decisions off course or keep them from their perceived destiny. They may come off as leader-like, socially aware, chameleons, confident, emotionally present, argumentative, warm, concealed, strategic, detailed, or entirely contradictory if you manage to encounter them while they are strategizing their plan of attack. The VELF seems to want control over their identity through immersing themselves in information about people that enables them to complete the goals they have in mind without unfair criticism.

1V – Confident Volition

VELFs are the most unusual 1V out of all the types. This type often feels that they must hide their own desires for specific outcomes from others through creating a more agreeable depiction of themselves. They believe in their own right to decide the direction of their lives but also invest in how this image affects their ability to charm, lead, and gather others to support their direction. The VELF wants to get their message out to the world without consulting or adhering to the desires of others. For this reason, the VELF can be much more disagreeable than they would ever reveal. They can often hide in plain sight and feel that they must learn to be chameleons in social situations.

2E – Flexible Emotion

VELFs have the most assertive, yet elastic relationship with the 2E attitude. They often take their personal relationships with others extremely seriously internally while attempting to remain neutral externally. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult for others to understand where the VELF stands with people. This may further complicate the VELF’s relationship with the Emotion aspect because they highly value the personal opinions and emotional expressions of others. The VELF may feel intense anger, rage, and hatred towards someone while still being able to validate their merits as a person and how useful they are to whatever goal is at stake. Conversely, the VELF may feel extremely positive, happy, in love, and grateful for someone while recognizing that they are inconsequential to the VELF’s personal desires and goals. This can cause VELFs to come off as 1E or 3E, which further complicates how this type presents itself. They often appear “gray” or lacking in any black or white attitudes towards the aspects.

3L – Insecure Logic

VELFs have one of the most internally aggressive 3Ls. This type does not like to let flawed logic past their own scrutiny. However, much like the rest of their aspect positions, they can hide this aggression behind a project or goal that they have taken on instead. The VELF rarely unleashes their rage from skepticism in public. This type will instead offer quick challenging remarks to poke holes in the bad logic of others. In private, the VELF may completely unleash their doubt, negativity, and pure disbelief towards those that they find to be overly confident in their own opinions. They may feel entirely turned off by anyone who insists that they focus on details, correctness, or theoretical information which can lead to the VELF becoming aggressive and dismissive towards others. Underneath this aversion can be a strong sense of insecurity and worry about feeling wrong, incompetent, inferior, targeted, powerless or inert.

4F – Unbothered Physics

VELFs have a joyous attitude towards the Physics aspect which can also give them the appearance of being another type with a different relation to physics. They tend to dislike too much empty discussion about the possibilities in the material world but will gladly imbibe in pleasures if it does not require them to overthink or worry about the negative consequences of their actions. VELFs usually enjoy the entertainment aspect of the real world and will go along with others who offer a promise of adventure and intrigue. The VELF tends to recognize that the physical world is what makes up their reality, and all things interesting come from this base concept. For this reason, they hold a deep respect for others who have a better grasp over the value of the corporeal realm.

VELF Spread Among Enneagram Core Types

Quotes by VELFs

“My philosophy on life is that the most important thing is continuously refining my philosophy on life. Exploring and building and developing understanding from every¬†angle. Then putting that into action, taking notes, and continuing this process forever. The point of growth is the importance of growing. It’s its own end.”

-Kelly G. (Sx 548)