VEFL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in moving others emotionally, organizing events, and doing anything within their power to create circumstances that enable enthusiastic involvement. The VEFL appears to be protecting themselves from feeling burnt out, trapped in disorder, or rejected due to not being physically enough for the task at hand. They may come off as lively, animated, managerial, pushy, comedic, entertaining, vigorous, spiritual, artistic, movement oriented, controlling, attention seeking, or at times volatile if they sense impending burn-out or rejection. The VEFL seems to want control over their identity through involving themselves in the atmosphere through directing others towards order, positivity, and striving towards goals.

VEFLs have a fully present relationship with the volition aspect. The 1V of this type tends to have an extraordinary ability to move people both physically and emotionally. This type wastes no time learning what drives others, particularly their needs and comforts. They often have a vibrant energy that can be felt by anyone in their presence. VEFLs truly need people and feel that it is their strength to mobilize others around them in whatever fashion they desire. They can achieve this through raw force, or by utilizing motivation tactics as it really depends on their mood. This type believes their biggest strength is managing and directing others through all means necessary to finish the goal they have in mind. Besides VFLE, this type is the most unstoppable when they have clung onto an objective. Creativity comes in the form of charming, enticing, and compelling others. The VEFL feels it is their right to do as they please, so long as it is not interfering in the liberty of others.

VEFLs have a vibrant and emotive 2E. This type does not shy away from saying how they feel and encouraging others to express themselves when they feel comfortable to do so. There is an endless patience in meeting people where they are at and then working with them to come to an ideal decision for the future. This idealism is what gives this type its Tessera classification, as it is also seen in the other three types of this sexta. VEFLs have a tendency to become fully entrenched in data about people if they find it fascinating or necessary for their own needs and security. They do not find personal expression something to fear or suppress. This expression may take negative forms, as they can become dramatic, argumentative, and controlling but on the positive spectrum they can be motivational, exciting, and intriguing. No matter what emotion is expressed, this type believes it is a normal part of life and the ebbs and flows of our sentimental world is to be accepted. They can become overzealous in asking what others feel, which can turn off those that are not sure about their emotions or find them irrelevant.

VEFLs have a combative relationship with the physics aspect. Contrary to other 3F types, VEFLs consistently “go to war” with their perception of physics. They may endure long periods of uncomfortable bodily sensations just to complete the goal they have at hand. Conversely, this type can view their negative experiences in the physical realm as a normal consequence of being a leader and then joke about them to lessen the negative impact on the psyche. VEFLs may feel disgust towards their limitations in material world and overspend or invest too much money and time into eliminating what they find ugly or undesirable. In more negative time periods of their lives, they may develop insecurities in their appearance and try to invest in comforting luxuries to cover up the vulnerability. VEFLs can obsess over the physical realm and adopt strict regimens to meet their goals. They often want to give off the image of someone who is never physically limited as they believe that they can orchestrate any outcome they wish. It is common to hear VEFLs discuss what they find weird, strange, or odd in their surroundings.

VEFLs have an intrigued and interested 4L. Unlike other 4L types, VEFLs often find the logical opinions of others fascinating. They may be resistant to giving their own opinion or diving too deeply into nonsensical data but the desire to hear out other people’s ideas remains strong. This type wants to listen to what is true or false as they believe this knowledge helps them orchestrate the future they desire; whether it be through convincing others to help or adopting an “all knowing” persona that pulls others in. VEFLs may not retain information that they find useless or irrelevant to their future. This can be a source of frustration for others who wish to guide them, but it is rare for the VEFL to take offense or feel that they are missing out on logic. They can be intensely patient with instruction and re-listen to the same thing numerous times. There is no insecurity around feeling ignorant which works as a strength for this type.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

VEFL Megan Thee Stallion
VEFL Michelle Obama
VEFL Tiffany Pollard
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