EVFL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in enthusiastically conveying whatever emotional message or sentiment is currently inhabiting their scope of mind. The EVFL appears to be protecting their ability to create a vision out of nothing through remaining lively and full of vigor, regardless of sometimes leaving a forceful impression on others. They may come off as emotionally bold, guiding, guru-like, encouraging, blunt, excitable, and at times alluring given the right circumstances. The EVFL seems to want control over their identity through following their emotionally driven whims and perfecting the methods in which they experience all possible sensations of the present.

EVFLs have a generally blunt relationship with the Emotion aspect. They tend to feel it is their right to vocalize or express whatever emotion comes into their awareness. Some EVFLs may have a calmer demeanor, but when it comes to showing how they feel they will rarely hesitate. This type may also use their emotional confidence to build an identity that fosters their career choice. Often, the role they take in their profession will be that of the emotionally determined person with a big heart. One of the core emotions that this type displays is enthusiasm regardless of how positive or negative they currently feel. The EVFL wants to know that they can freely traverse the world to add experiences into the story they know to be true of themselves.

EVFLs have the most energetic 2V out of all types. This type truly believes in the powers of motivation for themselves and others. When mental obstacles arise, the EVFL does not fret nor feel limited by whatever stands in their way and usually knows exactly how to manage the problem and move forward. The EVFL is easily excited by prospects of novelty and new decisions. Each potential path that opens itself up to this type is seen as a positive rather than something that needs to be carefully scrutinized. For this reason, the EVFL is one of the most patient types when it comes to working with others. They truly feel unfazed by roadblocks as they can reframe any experience into something that could work for them (especially if they have a positive ego defense strategy: enneagram 2, 7, or 9).

EVFLs have the most neurotic 3F out of all the types. They become easily disgusted by physical limitation or harm and this can include things like sickness, strange bodily sensations, feeling overworked, physical exhaustion, unflattering aesthetics, physical imperfections, or feeling unattractive. This type wants to feel safe in their environment and often uses their powers of enthusiasm to climb out of any anxious pit that the physical realm can deluge them with. For this reason, the EVFL can seem like one of the most resilient types which can be a benefit and a problem to them. Many people can rely on this type for their own motivation and cause underlying stress that the EVFL cannot deal with unless they completely detach themselves from the situation.

EVFLs have a flippant and nonchalant relationship with the Logic aspect. Most EVFLs feel that they have a good enough handle on the specifics of reality that discussing, arguing, or debating about them is a waste of time that could be better spent on their vision of what they desire in life. This type tends to want to leave the detailed work of theory and scrutiny towards logic to those who have more of an interest in these areas of life. The EVFL will quickly figure out what is correct when faced with a logical problem so they can move forward in doing what they believe they are best at: being an enthusiastic participant in life. They may come off as blunt, catty, and sometimes bitter when discussing logic but it is not due to skepticism – it is solely due to their revulsion of wasting time with too many hypotheses and suppositions that could better be outsourced to people who enjoy that.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

EVFL Tana Mongeau
EVFL Trisha Paytas
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