FEVL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in building an environment that matches up with their penchant for enjoyment, easy relating, and avoidance of being controlled. The FEVL appears to be protecting their need to engage in what they find satisfying by resisting any sort of rush or expectation placed on them. They may come off as vibrant, festive, funny, goofy, relatable, easygoing, practical, materialistic, earthy, hedonistic, sensual, and interested in aesthetics. The FEVL seems to want control over their identity through enjoying what they want in the moment regardless of anyone else’s plans or opinions about what they should do with their life.

FEVLs have a strong focus on enjoyment and personal pleasure with their relationship to the physics aspect. This type knows what they desire in their environment and quickly moves towards achieving the goals they have created. They tend to develop routines and comfortable habits to keep themselves entrenched in a constant state of enjoyment. However, this does not mean FEVLs never shift out of their routines into new ones as they are highly impressionable to new ideas. This type is notorious for becoming enamored by new products that can aid in their satisfaction towards life. They may spend money freely with no regards to debt or consequences as they believe it is their right to get what they want. It can take many years for FEVLs to learn how to contain their spending and this can spill out into the physical energy realm as well. FEVLs may become so obsessed with their vision of a perfectly enjoyable life that they over-exert themselves physically and crash hard. This can cause them to go into hermit mode and they can lose track of friends and relationships for days at a time. Nonetheless, this type will not be down for long and can quickly recover and bounce back from negative experiences in life.

FEVLs have an unusually stoic, friendly, and relaxed 2E. At first glance, one might believe that the FEVL has a 3E or 4E attitude due to how quiet they can be, but upon further digging it becomes apparent that this type is open, encouraging, and interested in a positive disposition towards emotional expression. They may sit on the sidelines and let others “vent” to them, or strategically make their way into conversation with those who they notice have something emotionally heavy on their mind or heart. FEVLs have an immense amount of patience when it comes to talking through sentiments and feelings. They will hang around others through the rollercoaster of emotions that can inhabit their mind, all while asking clarifying questions and creating an atmosphere that encourages sharing. Whether someone needs to gossip about the latest thing they have heard or needs to let loose about a tumultuous phase of life they are struggling through, FEVLs will be there to process out all relevant information with the person. However, this does not mean that you can push this type around. FEVLs do not want to be told what to do or criticized for their methods and can quickly detach or shut people out who insinuate that they are unhelpful, manipulative, untrustworthy, or uninteresting. Overall, This type believes that the emotional realm is to be explored as it is a never ending adventure that cannot hurt you if you do not let it.

FEVLs have a surprisingly aggressive 3V that is often kept under wraps. This type has a strong underlying paranoia that they will never be able to catch up with the issues that life throws at them. They worry about the future and can become overwhelmed by scenarios where they are expected to do things that they do not want to do. This inner turmoil can come out through small tells in the FEVL’s normally calm disposition. They may leave small sarcastic hints of their disdain towards an idea or voice a biting response while smiling. For this reason, you may think that this type is more comical than serious, but this is just a defense mechanism to keep from detonating. To truly unleash a FEVL’s aggression, one must forcefully take away their enjoyment and expect them to be responsible for things completely outside of their scope (this is not recommended). Of all 24 types in Attitudinal Psyche, this type has the most capacity for explosive and unrelenting anger, however, this is very rare. FEVLs often push down their rage and fight back against doubt so they can keep pleasure at the top of their awareness, but nevertheless, there are moments where negativity has to be expressed. This type believes that their future is a giant question mark and they must protect themselves from being swallowed up by expectations.

FEVLs have a strangely active and interested 4L. This type is curious about what others think, believe, and do. They tend to listen to the opinions of others with a patient inquisitiveness. However, this does not mean that they will add endless opinions of their own into the conversation. There is a willingness more than the other 4L types to process out their belief systems and what is true or false, but the FEVL is ultimately looking for a solution or point to sharing raw data. At times, FEVLs can be too agreeable within the logical realm and lose track of what is logically consistent, which is where they benefit greatly in learning formal logic or math. Regardless, this is generally not at the top of their interest list, so they prefer to agree with those that they have deemed knowledgeable and well-meaning. FEVLs may appear extremely heady but once one focuses on the content of what they are sharing, it becomes apparent that they are highly aware of dynamics between people and the logic of the situation is usually not what is being considered. The upside to this gift is that it gives them the ability to be persuasive, likable, and credible, especially if they are the inquisitive archetype of this type.


FEVLs believe that they understand the realm of human sensuality better than most everyone. This type wants to control the atmosphere of their surroundings which can include an array of things, including where food is stored to how clothes should be folded or displayed in their closets and drawers. FEVLs become so focused on what is enjoyable that they often forget to indulge in the emotional side of life. Feelings are often suppressed in favor of discussion and storytelling, which can lead to years of suppression that leaves the FEVL looking like a 3E. FEVLs must learn to express their excitement and true feelings while they are having them, regardless of what others think. Personal meaning is attained from both what feels good for the body and the soul.


FEVLs are frustrated and resistant to the fact that life requires constant movement, upgrading, goal-making, and renewal. Being thrown into the world of work and venture stokes a visceral insecurity that this type is going to become angry, trapped, and worthless if they are not able to move freely to find enjoyment in their own time. FEVLs must learn how to cope with this feeling of entrapment by having the courage to take ownership over their space to sustain their future. Making decisions for a better life requires a confident commanding attitude, even in the face of criticism and dissent.


FEVLs believe that physical tasks should be quickly dealt with or set up in the most efficient way possible so there is not too much to think about when they have a whim. This type does not like to overthink the logistics of their needs and physical desires as this can run boring in their mind. However, FEVLs must learn to recognize the depth of information that lies within each sensual experience. The information that every event, item, or purchase holds within it is imperative to understanding what makes a good or bad experience. This type is prone to throwing away possessions without bothering to understand their exact use, which often comes back to bite them. Depth and discernment are reached through the precise details of an experience.


FEVLs ruminate and over-think about how they can feel the spark of magic and inspiration to move forward and achieve their goals. This type can become obsessive to the point of panic about what really matters to them and their future, but furthermore, how they can feel encouraged to make it happen. FEVLs feel pressure from their inner voice to become more than what they currently are. This causes them to jump ahead of the present and start idealizing and fantasizing of what their life could become. FEVLs must pay attention to when they feel motivation and force themselves to take action little by little. Each negative experience will expose them to what they are truly made of and leads them to peace and serenity in their ability to finish an agenda.


FEVLs will listen to anyone’s point of view or ideas. This type is one of the most laid back when it comes to communication.  All artistry and self-expression is encouraged in conversation with this type. The issue that this causes is FEVLs frequently refuse to pick an opinion about which idea they think is the best. There is a lack of valuing specific language and education strategies that leads to vague agreements and head nods from FEVLs even if they think more deeply than what is shown. FEVLs must learn to express their thoughts and opinions regardless of if it is out of their comfort zone. Many people of this type are highly intellectual but choose to refer to what has already been established rather than share their own innovation.


FEVLs become exasperated when they are given the responsibility as the “expert” and expected to lead others based on their knowledge. This type feels immense stress and anxiety when expectations are placed on them to be something more than what they display. FEVLs must learn to start visualizing the map of their lives and how each detail and experience adds value to what they know and who they are. If this type can deconstruct their purpose little by little, then they can attain surprising results in their future goals. Each decision can always have an explanation that relates back to their needs and desires for enjoyment and comfort.

Common FEVL Quirks

•Keeps new purchases in constant cycle
•Needs comfort in surroundings
•Remains friendly in social situations
•Values enjoyment above all feelings
•Sensitive to repetitive, grueling work
•Sees the bright side to everything
•Quietly rebels against authority
•Has angry moments that shock others
•Drawn to bright colors
•Subtly sarcastic
•Notices manipulation quickly
•Connects to others with ease
•Carries sadness from past
•Prone to passive-aggression
•Delays negative feelings
•Creates natural camaraderie
•Impressionable to imagination
•Privy to most gossip in their communities
•Sensitive to criticism – especially aesthetics
•Curious of how others live

Stereotypical Image

FEVLs tend to appear colorful, happy, stylish, with a calm and collected warm disposition. This type dresses to appeal to the draw in all of us to feel comfortable and at ease with those we associate with. FEVLs may sometimes venture into the realm of spirituality and can adopt a more free-spirited way of presentation, but they rarely ever want to appear elitist or superior to others. As one of the money-conscious types, FEVLs can find deals and sales with ease as they desire to increase their wardrobe as much as possible. Options are an important part of this type and it expresses itself in how they dress.  FEVLs unknowingly start trends in each era of culture and are responsible for most of the well-known recognizable styles.

Archetype Variations

Buys new items consistently, starts trends, has a keen eye for style, loves color, need options and variety

Wants cozy spaces, listens to others, helpful, kind, reassuring, resists bossy people, hates feeling pushed

Highly creative, needs novelty, relates concepts to each other, pays attention to time and spaces

Funny, sarcastic, finds gossip, needs people, entertaining, makes things fun, talkative

Money conscious, resists being over-powered, notices weakness, wants to create products, needs success, afraid of stopping

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