The Impressionist

FEVL is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in building an environment that matches up with their penchant for enjoyment, easy relating, and avoidance of being controlled. The FEVL appears to be protecting their need to engage in what they find satisfying by resisting any sort of rush or expectation placed on them. They may come off as vibrant, festive, funny, goofy, relatable, easygoing, practical, materialistic, earthy, hedonistic, sensual, and interested in aesthetics. The FEVL seems to want control over their identity through enjoying what they want in the moment regardless of anyone else’s plans or opinions about what they should do with their life.

1F – Confident Physics

FEVLs have an attitude that is self-focused when it comes to their health, hunger, comfort, and energy levels. They take care of themselves in a way that suits their own needs first. This type wears specific styles that they themselves have conceptualized or decided to adopt, often having strong opinions of what they prefer. However, they avoid creating or changing environments that may cause emotional upheaval or uneasiness. FEVLs are unwilling to compromise their living habits, especially if someone attempts to instruct them on what to do or how to live. They defend their lifestyle choices regardless of how objectively healthy they are. This type does not spend much time trying to understand overly complex details, unless it is keeping them from living in the ways that they desire. They will, however, track the emotional trade-off between themselves and others. The FEVL is always attempting to understand how to get the most enjoyment out of life. FEVLs often doubt their own capabilities to start a new huge venture, or change the current direction of their lives. They may confront goals by diving in, and taking control over the physical bounds that encapsulate a goal they are chasing. This is generally not a positive experience for FEVLs, as they worry about their own power and destiny and how it may limit them from enjoyment. FEVLs come to understand who they are through diligence in constructing their own environment. Once the FEVL can aptly configure and structure their environment, they can relax and enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. This type is the true type of happiness through living life without worry or over-stressing.

2E – Flexible Emotion

FEVLs enjoy exploring the inner workings of everyone. They spend time listening to all emotions that others may express: complaints, joy, anger, sadness, fear, concern. The FEVL is always attempting to remain on a journey with others through their emotions, preferring to keep the conversation going so long as it stokes the process of engagement. In this way, FEVLs appear to be quite adaptive. FEVLs tend to naturally adjust their tone, posture and expression to curate the enjoyment they desire. However, they will respond in an aggressive manner if people overstep their authority and try to control them in any way. They wish to be given space to decide their next actions and prefer that others work with them. FEVLs are creative with their expressions yet tend to project a calm demeanor. This type does not rely on theorizing and chasing after minute details to understand what inspires them, they just go with what satisfies them overall. They prefer to come across information that is cut and dry, rather than needing to spend too much time going back and forth about what’s true or false. FEVLs believe they have an intuitive sense of what appeals to people and they tend to quickly learn the art of adjusting their volatile moods to be more acceptable. This type naturally puts people at ease by offering solutions to their needs, while remaining patient and explorative towards their emotions.

3V – Insecure Volition

FEVLs tend to be automatically suspicious of those who have the capacity to control them, however, they simultaneously lack the confidence needed to ensure their own life path is on the right track. This disparity gives FEVLs a lot of anxiety and can confuse them to where they revert back to raw hedonism to numb away the uneven feelings. FEVLs prefer to reach their goals at their own pace. They can seek out the advice of others to understand the options they have for any action, even if it is not tangible. Being able to open their own mind to what is possible for them to achieve can calm aggressiveness. It is not so much the end goal that they are interested in; it is the journey, which can bring them out of their own neuroticism. FEVLs desire concise explanations of how to move forward when they are stuck in a rut. They feel the need to skip over long, constantly changing directions of how to get something done as it seems rushed and pointless to them. This type tends to review how they feel about their responsibilities, and opens up the dialogue to those who respect their insecurities. The easier it is for them to imagine their future, the better. At times, FEVLs can feel lost in knowing what they are truly made of, as their character can feel a bit “gray” and obscure. Being able to seek out a philosophy that fits their knack for enjoyment and pleasure, while energizing them in the process, tends to be an ideal solution for most FEVLs. This type is anxious in the midst of those who expect them to make decisions without discussion first. They appreciate those who take the time to compliment their efforts and refuse to pressure their progress.

4L – Unbothered Logic

FEVLs tend to be uninterested in endless discussion of details and what-ifs regarding philosophy and academia. They prefer to quickly incorporate meaning and facts based on whatever other ventures they have going on in their lives. They usually view humans as operating based on their moods, needs, and drives. FEVLs allow others to correct their own understanding of things quite often. They are quick to recognize whether details matter, or do not matter in accordance to their own desires. For this reason, they mostly do not get offended when people correct their ideas about what is true or false. So long as others’ beliefs do not inhibit the plans and comfort of the FEVL, they will not spend too much time agonizing over who is correct. FEVLs rely on experts to explain confusing and detail-heavy concepts, especially if the advice can improve their lives. They prefer concise answers to the occasional questions they have regarding facts and academic knowledge. This type listens kindly to anyone who seems confident about a topic of interest, so they can pick out what is relevant to their own strengths and desire for enjoyment.

FEVL Spread Among Enneagram Core Types