LVFE is the Attitudinal Psyche type that seems the most interested in strategically conveying their ideas of how the world works to others through philosophical discussions, encouragement, and ingenuity. The LVFE appears to be protecting their vision of the world by pushing it to be objectively testable, consistent, and free from physical barriers. They may come off as lively, intellectually curious, talkative, philosophical, educational, goofy, charismatic, and sometimes politically involved. The LVFE seems to want control over their identity through intellectualizing possibilities, proposing their own truths to others, and deciphering the most ideal conceptual manner to view the world. 

LVFEs have an expansive attitude towards the logic aspect. This type enjoys monologuing about their own take on philosophy and how things work around them while including humor, sarcasm, or small quips to color their language and encourage others to listen and consider their viewpoint for its value and relevance. LVFEs often believe that their method for discerning what is true is correct by default, yet this does not stop them from attempting to instruct or lead others to the same conclusions. They believe that verbalizing their thoughts and opinions in a pointed way leaves less room for inconsistency and non-truths. This type prefers that all parties lay their opinions out on the table and take the information that they need, rather than endless discussion and processing for the sake of banter.

LVFEs have an almost nurturing approach to the volition aspect, not dissimilar to FVLE. This type often feels that it is their responsibility to listen to the complaints of others and offer practical solutions for future decisions that could better their lives. They often act as patient mentors who can offer up as many possibilities as needed to others who are stuck in a certain part of their lives. LVFEs tend to want to expand the ways in which we think about life: to recognize hidden opportunities, change the angle in which we perceive our own power, and to ignite our minds towards growth and expansion. This type usually believes that no decision is a wrong decision, as it can be re-imagined into a learning experience of one’s own faults and journey towards the ideal. LVFEs have high energy and are always open to new ideas and future paths. Each new idea can be mapped out to figure out which future path aligns with one’s own desires.

LVFEs have a strong aversion to negativity and inaccuracy in the realm of the physics aspect and are one of the pickiest 3F types. They tend to highly dislike clutter, erroneous information regarding the physical world, and undesirable sensations or aesthetics. This pickiness results in a flurry of neurotic musings about the details of objects. LVFEs want their external environment to reflect the ideal vision they are so confident about internally. When these two visions do not match, the LVFE can become spiteful, angry, grouchy, and pushy about their opinions. For this reason, the external appearance of LVFEs can seem very well put together and perfectionistic. They may feel stressed out about their physical body or presentation and will often over-work themselves to make sure that they are taken care of, or that they reach the desired aesthetic.

LVFEs have one of the most devalued relationships with the emotion aspect. This does not stop them from expressing emotions when they wish to but it does affect the way that they view their emotions. LVFEs believe that their emotions are irrelevant to discuss in most cases unless they can be strictly combined with their internal map of how reality functions. Emotions are seen as something to express in the moment as needed rather than to be pondered. They tend to look towards others when needing an emotional release as this feels more inspirational to their expansive nature. Expression is seen as a form of entertainment and they can idealize people who are skilled in spicing up their own image. This type often uses emotions for artistic enhancement rather than genuinely forming opinions about the emotions themselves so they appear more “flat” and deadpan. This can also make the LVFE appear less opinionated than they are because their message comes across more unserious than someone who is concerned with processing emotions.

Officially Typed Notable Examples

LVFE Neil Degrasse Tyson
LVFE Maren Altman
LVFE Dr Drew
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